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  1. Chocolate


    :ohgosh I felt bad for Tyson, he couldn't even get up :(
  2. Chocolate


    I have been trying to contact you all morning. Call me,it's about later. :D
  3. Chocolate


    How are you today?:D
  4. Chocolate

    Calling her "Mommy"

    When does calling your mother by her first name becomes disrespectful? I have heard it so many times before ,does it really matters how you refer to her whether it is Mommy/Ma/Mother/Mammy or lets just say"Karen"........ I have even heard some of my friends call their mom "Aunty". So why is...
  5. Chocolate

    Midnight Robber

    I am truly sorry ................please give him the message. :kicks :kicks :kicks
  6. Chocolate

    Sweet Tamarind

    The one in the "green" box in the Korean stores, that is the sweetest tamarind I've ever tasted..............did anyone try it yet?
  7. Chocolate

    Stoning death of the Nigerian woman I have been following Amina Lawal case from the begaining and I have so many different views on this topic but it still saddens and upsets me to see that this is really still taking place . I understand that it's the "law" but can the law be changed? I...
  8. Chocolate

    Gee dawg

    Were you at the Imix b/ball pt 2....can't recall seeing you? :p
  9. Chocolate

    Happy Birthday Kaotic

    Enjoy your day :bday :bday :bday :bday :fairy :fairy
  10. Chocolate

    Is it just me........

    Tell me I'm not the only person who cannot function on the site b/c of the problem with the time, and the date.I think I'm going crazy (literally),with a wicked headache too.............STRYKA you said you will fix it tonight :(
  11. Chocolate

    Congrats Midnight Robber

    You have made it to your 1000th post................carry on.
  12. Chocolate

    Tripple X

    Is there a female vocalist in Tripple X band and if so what is her name?
  13. Chocolate


    Please check your inbox.......I'm not seeing you on msn.
  14. Chocolate

    TRAFFIK.............New York show????

    Does anyone know when and where will be their first performance in New York?
  15. Chocolate

    Bunji's Performance

    Raskefentse what do you think ?
  16. Chocolate

    Tonight's show (soca monarch)

    Besides 11.90, trinidad express and visittnt is there any other sites/radio station that will be carrying this show live?
  17. Chocolate

    Which artiste?

    "ah want to ben yuh ova and wuk it"...............could someone let me know you sing that song?
  18. Chocolate

    Cooler Fete Tonight

    Cooler Fete Tonight Kingmidas will you be there?
  19. Chocolate

    Family sue's for 15 million

    Did anyone see this on the news , the family for the young man who died while testing the air train, is suing for 15 million, I apologize for not remembering his name right now.They said he should not have been driving the train b/c he was not experienced in that field.
  20. Chocolate

    Who sings this song?

    Tell de man no vacancy not tonight ,is no entry yuh not gettin nothing from meeeee.