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    City Hall rally for Michael Sandy Monday

    Civil rights groups have organized a Rally/vigil for Michael Sandy New York City Hall 5:00 pm Monday October 16 2/3 to Park Place 4/5/6/J/M/Z to Brooklyn Bridge/City Hall A/C to Broadway-Nassau E to World Trade Center R/W to City Hall
  2. D subscribers

    Anybody got a subscription to HardBeat news? A brother need a hand finding an article from yesterday. Please and thankyou...
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    Ages/birthdates of soca artists

    Anybody know where I can find bios of soca artists that include their birthdates/ages? Most sites I've found omit ages. c,
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    Sparrow 2006 tune?

    What was Sparrow's new release for 2006 Carnival again? Is it on CD, and have you seen it anywhere online? 8/14/06 17:10 Doh bodder, ah find it: Tell Me Why, on the re-release of the Millennium Series Sweet Talk CD...
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    Finding Soca Warriors music

    Anybody know where the new soca warriors musical compositions are available, other than bootleg? I have counted at least 38 (including the SocaWarriors remakes of other tunes; and multiple versions, e.g. Maximus's Fighter/Warriors Goal/We Are Warriors), many of which I have located. *But where...
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    New York City soca radio

    Where on the dial to find the pirate soca stations these days? Fire 104 and Bashment gone through?
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    "This is a violent song"

    What is the name and artist of the tune that that line is from?
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    New West Indian Anthem

    All you hear anything from your peeps about this new West Indian anthem by some Guyanese businessman that Jagdeo get 10 Caricom heads of government to endorse? It was to perform in the stadium Wednesday night at the Soca Warriors match with Mavis John and Bishops choir and pan and ting and ting...
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    Bedford Diaries

    All you see Bedford Diaries last night? WB show about a fictional college, and the students in a seminar on love and sex. It's filmed at Columbia and in Harlem. Anyway, last night in one scene it had this headless fella walking right behind the main characters in an outdoor shot for at least 15...
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    Name for a Kitchener classic

    This is how we used to play mas in Trinidad Jump if you jumping Wine if you wining And you jukking you jukking you jukking What's the name of that tune?
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    Who is the fella who sing in Soca Passion last night?

    Who was the live performer at the Soca Passion lime on Worth St. in Manhattan last night?
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    Downloading soca/Imix censorship??

    Hmmm. I started a thread asking where, if anywhere, you could download soca legally. And it looks like the entire thread's been quietly deleted... What's up with that?
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    Where to watch de game Saturday?

    Where/how you could watch de T&T vs. Bahrain football game?
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    Imix need a smile for "Steups"

    Stryker & computer geeks: Is a Caribbean site here. How come we doh have no smiley on here for a steups?
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    Google Earth have some Columbus problems

    Anyone checked out the new keyhole software application Google Earth that has satellite views of the globe you can rotate and zoom in on, down to the building level in major cities. I was checking out TnT (no buildings, but you can see the runway at Crown Pt., the Savannah)...and lo and behold...
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    Best Solo/Band Album of 2004 (so far)

    Ah know, but vote anyway...
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    JW CD for US/CD-R for TnT double standard

    Those of you who buy CDs have the same experience as me and other members? Half your soca CDs won't play in some players and computers? What is the reason for that? JW seems to have a double standard going on this year, though: the same shrink-wrapped disc made for the TnT market will have this...
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    Rudder's "I Take Full Responsibility..."

    Soca connaisseurs: You remember the anti-drug message David Rudder recorded for youth some time in the early-mid 1990s? The chorus began "I take full responsibility/For all that goes on inside of me" Anybody know if it was ever recorded, and where it might be found? c,
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    Maximus event details

    How much to get in? What time is "early"? When Maximus on stage? Allyou have a phone number?
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    Why you can't find soca to buy??

    Aiight, all dis preachin about support de culture and doh be a fowl could close to 400 2K4 soca tunes here and other sites on de net, and it playin almost 24 hours on pirate radio...but you cyah find a blasted CD to buy in a store in Brooklyn. What we are, the biggest, or the second...