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    why it have to be any different from anybody else you not interested in?
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    City Hall rally for Michael Sandy Monday

    Civil rights groups have organized a Rally/vigil for Michael Sandy New York City Hall 5:00 pm Monday October 16 2/3 to Park Place 4/5/6/J/M/Z to Brooklyn Bridge/City Hall A/C to Broadway-Nassau E to World Trade Center R/W to City Hall
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    Anybody got a subscription to HardBeat news? A brother need a hand finding an article from yesterday. Please and thankyou...
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    Ages/birthdates of soca artists

    Anybody know where I can find bios of soca artists that include their birthdates/ages? Most sites I've found omit ages. c,
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    Sparrow 2006 tune?

    What was Sparrow's new release for 2006 Carnival again? Is it on CD, and have you seen it anywhere online? 8/14/06 17:10 Doh bodder, ah find it: Tell Me Why, on the re-release of the Millennium Series Sweet Talk CD...
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    Watch dis angle of Grouch's goal against the Soca Warriors.....

    Strictly soca warriors But, ay-ay, de team name "Soca Warriors," ent? Dat is strictly soca too...
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    Finding Soca Warriors music

    II. 1989-90 Strike Squad & other football tunes available online Please help with corrections to both lists! Title All the Way to Italy Artist Sparrow Time 6:55 LP (Side/Track) Let the Music Play (A2) Stream Title Football Dance Year 1989 Artists Sound Revolution ft Colin...
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    Finding Soca Warriors music

    The Soca Warriors music catalogue Here is my best research about where football music is available, either on media, for download, or streaming, including notes about any limits on availability. If you have found any of the tracks with no information, let me know. I. Soca Warriors music...
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    Finding Soca Warriors music

    My count is up to 60, with sources for 47 Hmm. Newsday ran an article just Saturday saying "At least a dozen artistes have produced soca songs to celebrate Trinidad and Tobago’s participation in the World Cup, but it is proving difficult to buy the songs. Both Crosby’s Record Shop and Cleve’s...
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    Finding Soca Warriors music

    If you cyah find fowl in de market Thanks for the replies on "Madology" and "Football Dance"! Any ideas where the music can be bought or downloaded on the up and up? Torontolime and Trinijunglejuice alter their streams to degrade quality or add audio tags to discourage downloading. Plus I can...
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    Finding Soca Warriors music

    Anybody know where the new soca warriors musical compositions are available, other than bootleg? I have counted at least 38 (including the SocaWarriors remakes of other tunes; and multiple versions, e.g. Maximus's Fighter/Warriors Goal/We Are Warriors), many of which I have located. *But where...
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    R there any doctors that specialise in the WAIST?

    Ah talk too soon Ah talk too soon. But, like I said before, a Trini wine is safe. Dutty wine danger THE 'DUTTY WINE' is a dangerous dance that may cause serious neck injury and lifelong pain, doctors warn.
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    R there any doctors that specialise in the WAIST?

    Wining therapy I can't remember where, but I just finish reading some tourist brochure that say how wining is not bad for your spine. In fact, wining is used as back therapy. Probably more of a "groovy soca"/"las lap" than the "small island"/"wuk up" beat, though.
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    Soca Pulse

    SocaPulse still free? I had sigend in before but when I tried to listen just now, they asked me for money.
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    New York City soca radio

    Where on the dial to find the pirate soca stations these days? Fire 104 and Bashment gone through?
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    "This is a violent song"

    What is the name and artist of the tune that that line is from?
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    Who support a West Indian Anthem

    Where is de fing anthem? So where you could find this anthem to listen to?
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    Trinidad & Tobago Anthem Video

    Impeach him! We have laws about descerating the anthem, not so? Extradite him... Where Marjorie Beepatsing when you need she?
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    Is this about Sweeps week or a public service I shame for the boy, and sex with minors is wrong. And 14 is a lot worse than 16, in my view. But I have real problems with the show. The reality is that they set these folks up. Grown ass people go on the net, pretend they are teenagers, and offer...
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    New West Indian Anthem

    Every creed and race Hmm. What about the other folks in the region? Including the folks who were here before we Africans?