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    I can not believe after ten years on imix.....

    This is what it come 2. You people are boring. Nuff love to anyone here more than 8 years. Ewwwwwwwww
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    Executive wishes all Ladies

    A smile and a wine today. Happy V-Day :kiss:
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    You know who this is so send me a message with your number before your Aska's cousin kills me.
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    Merry Christmas to you

    Happy Holidays.
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    Shout the Year (be careful)

    You lost your :butcher:
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    Shout Out Your Year

    You joined islandmix
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    Shout Out the year.......

    You became a party fan?
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    Who is we?

    I would like to know
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    Good morning Islandmix

    What's the word for the day to describe how yuh feeling?
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    Yea Im here so have a Nice Day

    In yuh back again soon. Did you think I was voted off the island. Can't wait to see who Dragon harassing here. Whats up TriniBaje? Big up to all Philly T.O Miami crew and of course Brooklyn you know how we do. Like the new changes and glad to know Flava is the choice of islandmix. Keep doing my...
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    Best statement for the year

    The BMW X5 has more value in the home than homework. "TriniBaje" :butcher:
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    Good Afternoon

    I usually share my adventures with islandmix so I will share this one. Last night I had the opportunity to watch live performances by BMWA, Benjai, Jah Bami, Lyrikal and I-sasha in Cafe Omar. To see these artists performing is truly a gift because they bring so much energy when they come on...
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    When someone says original..........

    What do they mean original since the last ten years or like never ever been done before original? :butcher:
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    It's your Birthday so.........

    LordSalt Happy Birthday good friend You reach 60 you’re close to the end Take time to reflect on all the time You waste on IMIX and chatting online I have a birthday present for you In ex-tempo I wrap it for true Happy Birthday I hope you get a nice treat Or get some Denture cream for your...
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    Good Morning IMIX

    Have a beautiful Day. Blessings to all Blessed :butcher:
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    My Ten IMIX Ex-girlfriends could tell you

    There is at least one good-looking man on here.:butcher:
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    What are things associated with Light Blue?

    Please leave off the Sky. Thanks :butcher:
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    When is the next?

    Meet and Greet?
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    Prinzez Diva

    Hi :butcher:
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    Which is Worse 2

    A man who: 1- looks good but unemployed 2- Works but is boring in bed.