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  1. 1sexyvincy

    costume pickup???

    Has anyone heard from IP about when to pick up costumes:confused I had emailed them last month and they said that they would send out info as to when to pick the up. I'm a newbie so I dunno how this works. Do I just show up there to pick it up when i reach:confused I'm leaving next Wed so I...
  2. 1sexyvincy

    Lo Mein receipies....anyone?

    I've been craving some lo mein lately and i dont feel like going to the chinee store. so does anyone have any receipies that i can borrow? i feel like making it myself. :greedy
  3. 1sexyvincy

    kiddies carnival..

    what time does it start and end? what is their route?
  4. 1sexyvincy

    roy wilkins park sept 4th....

    anyone hear about the reggae fest going one there? just wanted some info as far as pricing and the time. all i know sanchez and some others will be there.
  5. 1sexyvincy


    can you please put the songs "Mad" by problem child and "Looking fine" by Skarpyon in the a/v room? thanks. they were 2 nice tunes outta vincy for vincy mas 2k5. if i think of any others i will let you know.
  6. 1sexyvincy

    i need a hairstyle

    i'm going to DR in 4weeks and i need to do something with my hair. dontwanna do briands b/c i'll only be there for only 6days. my hair is natrally curly and i was thinking of doing that wet and wavy/curly look..i've never done it b4. do i just wet it and go? do i put something in it to add...
  7. 1sexyvincy

    Belly Dancing??

    I've heard this is a good way to tone your waist line/belly. has anyone ever tried? where did u go and was it good for you?
  8. 1sexyvincy

    IMIX Nurses....

    Any of you belong to a nurses association like New york state nurses association (NYSNA) or black nurses assocation?? What do you think of them? do you think its a good way of networking? Thinking of joining the black nurses association and wanted to hear any feedback.
  9. 1sexyvincy

    Ladies I need your help...

    I'm looking for a hairstylist in queens preferably dominican that can really wash and not just massage the dirt in my hair. I've been going to a faboulous dominican hairstlyist for yrs but she's away in Fl and may not come back to NYC for a while. So i need some real help here. I dont really...
  10. 1sexyvincy

    Sesame Flyers Memorial Day Boatride

    Anyone know where you can pick up tickets??
  11. 1sexyvincy


    I need some advice ladies.... I need to put braids in my hair for vincy mas but i've never had braids b4...what kind would you recommend? I've heard so much about the box braids w/ the wet and wavy hair. Does anyone have a pic of what they look like b/c i have no clue:O Not sure if i want...
  12. 1sexyvincy

    Vincy Mas '04

    Whey mi vincy crew dey?? Its almost that time of who going for vincy mas '04??
  13. 1sexyvincy

    March 6th????

    Hi everyone...I've been hearing about this so called fete on March 6th with Machel and Xtatic at the Elite Ark. Does anyone have any info about how much it is and where to get tix? Please let me know thanks.:)
  14. 1sexyvincy


    Anyone have any info for the fete at KC on firday nite? if so please lemme know. Thanks:)
  15. 1sexyvincy

    Vincy fetes??

    Does any know of any for labor day weekend?? I wanna try to go to one on friday and possibly sunday. Are the people over by E95th having anything sunday nite? Please lemme know.
  16. 1sexyvincy

    Roof Top??

    Anybody hear if sesame flyers is having their annual roof top party the saturday b4 labor day? If you have any info please lemme know. Thanks.:)
  17. 1sexyvincy

    NYC mas camps??

    Does anybody know of any mas camp websites so i could view some costumes for labor day so I could make a decision of which to play with?
  18. 1sexyvincy

    Bubblelicious fete--june 7th??

    i was listening to bashment radio and i heard them mention about a fete on june 7th at KC hideaway. i think the fete is called bubblelicious fete or something like that. did anyone else hear of it? anyone know any info like the price and who will be there? please let me know. thanks :)
  19. 1sexyvincy

    2003 soca??

    Does anyone know where I can hear new 2003 soca besides toronto-lime?? Please let me know...:)
  20. 1sexyvincy

    another new imixer

    Hi everybody! Happy Holidays! I've finally decided to post after peepin' for so long. I guess no betta time than b4 the new year. Hope to see allyuh around the island some time.! ;)