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  1. niecey372


    whole morning yuh callin meh and when I ansa I cant find yuh. Now yuh over here.. u knw wey I dey when yuh ready for me again.. I waiting. *taps foot*
  2. niecey372


    Did you recieve the stuff.... :grin:
  3. niecey372


    check these out and tell meh what u think
  4. niecey372


    yuh get yuh ticket yet?
  5. niecey372

    I need some nice stylish boots

    can anyone help me find something nice... I have been looking but everything seem to be the same ladies help pls
  6. niecey372

    Taking a little trip to the dominican republic

    where are some nice place to stay.. I was lookin at punta cana and puerto plata please help with some tourist attraction for either 2
  7. niecey372


    Are we still on :drinks:
  8. niecey372


    Wednesday :drinks: mac and cheese with mussel how bout it:drinks:
  9. niecey372

    You grew up in NY if..........How much of this is true for most NY'ers

    You called Air Force 1's uptowns way before Nelly came out with the song. You shop at S&D, M.O.N.Y, Jimmy Jazz and Hyperactive. You know what a Dollar Van is. You be at the Puerto Rican Day Parade even though you aint Spanish. You love Beef Patties w/cheese and Coco Bread. You love...
  10. niecey372


    :( :butcher: :butcher:
  11. niecey372


    I find myself lookin at a man crotch on the train dis morning, look what u did:butcher:
  12. niecey372

    gyptian: bring it on

    :fyah :fyah I cant get this sound out of my head
  13. niecey372

    dougla ting.....

    Can I give me the info for the tutoring.....plz and thanx
  14. niecey372

    I need to find a tutor...

    I need to find a tutor for my son....I want him to get extra help this school year.. can anyone help with this
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  16. niecey372


    holla at ur girl........
  17. niecey372


    U coming this weekend right
  18. niecey372


    Can anyone tell me where I can get wholesale beer and liquor at a reasonable price Plz n thankz
  19. niecey372


    :telephone now
  20. niecey372

    Wha's up Imix

    anything new and exciting goin on here I have been sick for a few days trying to catch what I miss. So what did I miss