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  1. ItalDawta83

    Grown Men should not wear Jordans

    Church shoes, lol.
  2. ItalDawta83

    50 Cent With Dreadlocks

    SMH :nea:
  3. ItalDawta83

    Wangari Maathai dies at 71

    I loved what she stood for. She truly understood the importance of maintaining the earth. R.I.P
  4. ItalDawta83

    Basketball Wives - LA edition

    GLoria is a looser, and her sister is a professional jump off. Malaysia was on point about her, thats why the fight ensued. LOL, I can't say that I will continue watching.
  5. ItalDawta83

    Basketball Wives - LA edition

    Who, miss holier than thou. She is just a bitter, unhappy, judgemental woman who was cheated on by someone that Draya probably reminds her of, thats all. I can't stand when people act like they are the end all, be all. The way she carries herself is WORTHLESS. How dare she, Im not one to really...
  6. ItalDawta83

    Surgery Update- Labor Day Weekend Anniversary

    Go head girl, you look great.
  7. ItalDawta83

    I can say I've seen it all now....

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  8. ItalDawta83

    Big up grenada and kirani james!!!!

    What a wonderful feeling to have our talent recognized. Big up yuhself, KIRANI JAMES TO THE WORLD!!!!dance1dance1
  9. ItalDawta83

    Beyonce And Jay Z "Represent Black People Correctly"?

    Couldn't have said it better myself.
  10. ItalDawta83

    Beyonce surrogate?

    Pretty much, I mean really, its that serious?
  11. ItalDawta83

    Beyonce surrogate?

    Honestly, I really don't care as much as you do about it. Shes pregnant, thats wonderful. I really don't understand the hate. Moving on.
  12. ItalDawta83

    Beyonce surrogate?

    Tell me about
  13. ItalDawta83


    Hey Nica!!
  14. ItalDawta83


    Healthy and strong as a lion, just turned 3 going on 23.
  15. ItalDawta83


    Oh Snap!!!
  16. ItalDawta83

    Snow Storm, Earthquake and Hurricane

  17. ItalDawta83

    i just reach back...TRINI is NICE ,, JAMAICA is NICE

    That is where I grew up.
  18. ItalDawta83

    Report: Will and Jada Pinkett Smith separate

    Hubby and I have been if that opinion for some time. Oh well...
  19. ItalDawta83

    ^feel good^ story out of jamaica

    I actually teared up a little. This is positivity that you never hear about. Look how humble he is. Sad thing is, this post will hardly get any recognition. Maybe if you labeled the heading, "Jamaicans are horrible," or something like that, the flood gates would have opened.