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    Delete if repost Chrissy | Dancehall Reel | Nerdy Films - YouTube
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    Picture shared on FB and Twitter

    Why would you share/circulate a picture showing child pornography? Smh
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    World War Z

    Looks good and apparently suppose to be the 1st part of a Bourne styled trilogy
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    Samsung Galaxy Camera

    Who's getting one?
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    So now that the election is over

    Who are the likely candidates from the Democrats and the Republicans to be contesting the next election? I don't know US politics that we'll but is it possible for Romney to run again?
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    Two Year Old Mauled To Death By Wild Dogs

    after mother dangles him over railings at Pittsburgh zoo Pittsburgh Zoo: Boy, 3, kille by 11 African wild dogs at zoo after falling into their pen | Mail Online I see you Americans still sniffing bath salts
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    Black people really cursed

    Evander Holyfield to retire - Jeff Powell boxing column | Mail Online
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    'All-you-can-eat diners banned

    BBC News - Brighton all-you-can eat restaurant bans two 'greedy' diners Looks like a greedy focker as well.
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    Trinidad Miss Universe

    So this is the girl that a lot of people hoping gets to represent Trinidad in the Miss Universe competition. Thoughts?
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    The 100 Thirstiest Comments on Instagram

    The 100 Thirstiest Comments on Instagram | Complex Sounds like 100 most foolish comments.
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    For those who like fake bamsee and breast

    Cross-dressing man sentenced to life in prison for murder after giving woman an illegal butt implant | Mail Online
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    3-Year-Old Boy Crying Because His Mother Won't Let Him Sing Nicki Minaj Due To Profan

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    US ambassador 'killed in Libya'

    BBC News - US ambassador 'killed in Libya'
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    French Alps Shooting

    Anyone following this? :scratch
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    Cute or Inappropriate?

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    Angry Letter To My Ex Girlfriend

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    Beats Gym and Dieting
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    Human Colouring Book

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    Anyone was at this band launch?

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    What did she expect?

    VIBE Vixen » Teen Girl Arrested After Brutal Fight Over Twitter Beef » VIBE Vixen Tashay D. Edwards, a 19-year-old Ohio native, was arrested Monday (April 16) after brutally assaulting another young girl over a Twitter beef. A video of the incident, filmed by Edwards’ friends, was posted to...