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  1. kamkam

    Best Looking Olympians

    am with you
  2. kamkam

    Somebody needs to remind Ato where he arse from !!!

    I understand what you saying and where you coming from... I guess Ato thinks when you in rome you do as the romans disrespect to him off course.
  3. kamkam

    Would you cheat on ur partner with ur Celebrity Crush?

    maybe if I had 2 drinks....but if I had no Alcohol no I will not
  4. kamkam

    Girls with boyfriends with hair

    That's why I like clean head guys :kicks:
  5. kamkam

    Has anyone had worms as an adult?

    :kicks: @ thread
  6. kamkam

    A friend of mine complains that .............

    I know I be dancing...forget who ent want too
  7. kamkam


    :dance: :drinks: laterrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr :music: :dance:
  8. kamkam

    why is it that when west indians move to the usa

    yes girl say as it is...but true the thing is we all humans and I guess dats just the way it is.....not saying I agree ok
  9. kamkam

    Those of You who Eat Pee Pee...

    :lol: :lol: :kicks :kicks :lol: oh lawd I can't help it :lol
  10. kamkam

    school daze

    I just don't get it
  11. kamkam

    Was he being a good fren, because i didn't like this

    First off the girl is dam well big enough to know what she wants. I don't really see ur friend pulling you away as been bad. But he didn't have to do it like u said he did. Am guessing both you and the girl are adults RIGHT? If u guy wanted to get it on so what.......But don't be mad with...
  12. kamkam

    they still didnt change back the site???

    who me or essi?
  13. kamkam

    Those of us who live alone

    yea it's a good feeling but I get lonely too....but my stuff do last
  14. kamkam

    they still didnt change back the site???

    i know's just not like the old days
  15. kamkam

    New rule:Stop quoting annoying shit

    mr. man what u trying to say???