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    I'm just here for the Male Walk n Wine competition from yesterday

    someobody post up more videos. That was the best! :scenic:
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    who sings this....

    the bridge is "push back and wine up on me" the chorus repeats something like "im loving the feel and the pace? of your bam bam woi, bam bam woi" HELP! im dreaming of this shyte:tease:
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    Oldie but Goodie: Jadine "Do it Better" 2009

    heard pieces of this song on and was asking around because I loved the Daft Punk/Kanye sample to it. I actually thought it was a 2012 release but nooooooooo the damn song was out since 2009. where was me!? :patsak: oh and the girl is from Montserrat. Whoever uploaded it to youtube...
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    what de ass is this. the D!ck slang??????? GHEYYYYYYYYYY!

    YouTube - WTF New Dance Called Dick Slang.. ??
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    Check me out in my new video. I de last one

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    black people and their orders at the chinese takeout oui

    reading another forum has me DYING but its true. black folks can order some shyte this lady on my block orders boneless spare ribs with general tso sauce and she want 5 duck sauce packets on the side. she would raise hell if its done any other way.
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    tell me a little about yourself. your time to shine

    and in exchange i'll tell you something about me as it relates. if i doh drap sleep if your an oldhead with a new name, holla. how am i supposed to know that's you yuh damn wolf booger.
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    im gonna need an uupdate on the crazies up in here

    whose bat crazy and not worth my precious responses becuz if im here reasoning with people and yall sitting back laughing, knowing those folks escape bellevue long time, thats just not right!:telephone
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    this place like one dry foop in ah burning bush

    :yu: i miss the posting format though
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    *jumps, spread out and farts*

    allyuh too boring
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    So I'm an Avon Lady Now.Woooohooo!

    yeah so I really wanna buy my first house by late next year. I was tryna figure out how to supplement my income without having to sell my patacake or totally avoid having fun for the next year... looking in Lucky magazine i saw some real cool products from MARK...a younger line Avon came out...
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    Swerve/dancer/bakes/taj/kevlocks....LOOK! NWS!

    dc crew rememebr i had the run in at club temehri with the chick that kept cutting myeye with her hair??? guess who she is!!!! ANGEL...dancer, remember when we were driving behind her and we read her license plate and decided she was probably an escort.LOLOL..we were close talk about ghetto...
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    im visiting tooz land

    *waves high* see who i'll see at sokal hi stryka hi dragon bye Love Essi
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    they still didnt change back the site???

    i see my boycotting has not worked:( hi all :drinks:
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    what kinda slackness going on in the member pics gallery
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    Which islandmixers will you keep in your life after u leave this site for good?

    was thinking about friends i've made my list is sorta long. mainly old heads that i chat up even though they dont post anymore. will come with my list later
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    sum up your day thus far with one word

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    so im 6'1 today. i look like a moko jumbie:(

    i have on wedges. i realize im a lipstick tomboy. all meh knees hurting from walking in these shoes. i cant front though. i can balance well in these