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  1. DevSxy

    Mac online sale today

    Mac has everything 25% off today use promo code MACFF9. Sale ends at midnite :rap:
  2. DevSxy

    Sorry lady your baby is in the trash!

    WTF! :( JERSEY CITY, N.J. - Police are searching garbage dumps in New Jersey and Pennsylvania for the body of a baby that was apparently thrown out with the trash at Jersey City's Christ Hospital. Hospital spokeswoman Barbara Davy says the baby was stillborn on Dec. 21 and the body was placed...
  3. DevSxy

    Good Morning Imix

    Wha gwaan?
  4. DevSxy

    Help! Does anyone have a "friend"...

    (LMAO I know how nobody on here has ever had any bad experiences... only their "friends" have.... anywho) that has ever had counseling, one on one, group or family? other than for drugs or alcohol.. It could have even been for anger management.... anyhow I know its personal for a bit of you...
  5. DevSxy

    Desperate Housewives

    Season premiere tonite @ 9 don't forget my peoplezzzzzz!:dance:
  6. DevSxy

    Allyuh be safe

    Enjoy yuh day... I gorne its Whinin Season in NY! :dance:
  7. DevSxy

    All yuh come front...TOO GOOD TO BE TRUE

    how it go look???:help: Pre IP launch pics
  8. DevSxy

    Sokla Cxld

    :help: Dear Patrons, We have come to a decision at the last hour to postpone our RAMAJAY boat ride scheduled for 8/17 at 7pm located in Sheepshead Bay, Brooklyn. Many of you have expressed the early departure concern and not being able in time to reach the docks before pull off and we fully...
  9. DevSxy

    *clears throat*

    Can someone please go check the vibes tomorrow at Cascadia and report back to us? Pics if possible....:snooks: Please pay special attention to color variations ans decor.:ph34r: Gratzi
  10. DevSxy

    Sesame's Olympia

    If yuh interested in playing link me ASAP!:wizard:
  11. DevSxy

    since when batty does bend?

    :confused :rofl:
  12. DevSxy

    Happy Birthday Uncle Wiz

    what more do you really need? Happy Birthday BIG HEAD!
  13. DevSxy

    Happy Birthday LipsNTits74

    <a href=""><img src="" border="0" alt="MyHotComments"> <a href=""><img src=""...
  14. DevSxy

    Kiddies Glow

    today @ restoration plaza. who's taking their mini-monsters?
  15. DevSxy

    Dutty {HD}

    I does like dem kinna ting. thanks peace, DevSxy
  16. DevSxy

    Ras Apache

    9 pounds :fairy :scenic:I SAID NINE POUNDS:scenic:
  17. DevSxy


    make it do what it do dance1 ah love allyuh bad bad bad! :musicah love how yuh winin:music Exceptional work guys as ALWAYS:drinks:
  18. DevSxy

    I know some ah allyuh doh come outta here

    So I'm bringing it to you Support the sister! Smashbox Model Search 2007
  19. DevSxy

    Rock The Vote Folks!

    Smashbox Model Search 2007
  20. DevSxy


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