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  1. Brown Eyes

    World Travel Awards

    Below is a link for the caribbean nominees for 2006 world travel awards..Take a look and vote.. Caribbean Nominees
  2. Brown Eyes

    This equation should be taught in all math classes

    This equation should be taught in all math classes! From a strictly mathematical viewpoint it goes like this: What Makes 100%? What does it mean to give MORE than 100%? Ever wonder about those people who say they are giving more than 100%? We have all been to those meetings where someone wants...
  3. Brown Eyes

    Jeans Skirt

    Where can I get a cute form fitting jean skirt? Can't seem to find too many out there... Found a cute one in Guess - mermaid type - but being vertically challenged :kicks I would need 5 inch heels with it not to trip.. :kicks This was the skirt - I could go for something shorter..
  4. Brown Eyes

    Excel - Visual Basic Assistance

    For the Excel programming experts...Some Assistance Please.... I have a list and I need to calculate a point value which is depenedent upon the position it has on the list .... Let's say the list is... List pt A - 1 A - 1.5 A - 2.0 B - 1 C - 1 What custom macro can I create...
  5. Brown Eyes


    Anybody have any? Found out a co-worker has one but does not want to give the address to people she know..cuz she is still shy..
  6. Brown Eyes

    Drinking at Lunch with the Boss

    Just came back from a team lunch and the boss telling us - go ahead order drinks..... :drinkers Never had a manager that allowed that now the team want to sleep at their desk... :lazy:
  7. Brown Eyes

    Travel Agencies / Travel Sites

    Does anyone have any good recommendations of travel agencies / sites that have tours to Europe?
  8. Brown Eyes

    It's not easy being green....

    Sorry..had a Muppet Show flashback... :pilot:
  9. Brown Eyes

    People that have gotten better with Age...

    Was never really that fond of either of these people when they first came on the scene..But time sure has changed.... LL Cool J Will Smith
  10. Brown Eyes

    I am sorry but the remix that Rihanna did of the song is horrible..Too much synthesizers on the track....It should never have been messed with. :mda:
  11. Brown Eyes

    sooo...what is everyone

    up to? It use tuh have so much activity and hype when bands were launching - now it quiet like sunday morning..whey everybody? :security: Whey the festivities?! It should be counting down time....Carnival almost here.... :bydebar dance1 :yahoo:
  12. Brown Eyes

    iPod Question

    When you first get the ipod - how long does it take to charge? :confused
  13. Brown Eyes

    Role Models/Mentors

    On the topic of Black Figures..... Do you think that a mentor/role model should be the same race/culture as yourself to be effective?
  14. Brown Eyes

    Credit Reports

    How often do you review your credit report? Do you wait until you are about to make a major purchase or do you have a set schedule that you periodically review? Which agencies do you check? I try to check every 3-6 months and use myfico since it combines all 3 agencies...Do you think this a...
  15. Brown Eyes

    Car Enthusiasts...

    What models/places would be good to go to try and locate an inexpensive vehicle that does not require: Good credit... or Big down payment... :rofl:
  16. Brown Eyes

    What is your clothing investment?

    Looking at makeover shows the hosts always say to invest in your clothing..Make choices that are classic and pay the money for it rather than going for the sales and getting things that only last for 1 season... With that said..What are your clothing investments? What article of...
  17. Brown Eyes

    Braid Styles for Kids

    Does anyone have any recommended styles for young children - under 10 - boys and girls? Links to styles would also be helpful..
  18. Brown Eyes

    Rent is too damn high...Candidate for Mayor

    So today is election day and I decided to check out the candidates... Why is there a candidate that is running for Mayor and his affiliation is "Rent is too damn high" :dntknw: Here are his responses to questions: 1. What is the most important issue in the city you would address if elected...
  19. Brown Eyes

    Chicken Little

    Cute movie..with father and son bonding...but why disney movies have the moms dead :aggressiv
  20. Brown Eyes

    Men in Ugg Boots

    I don't particularly care for them in general...but on men...hmmmm :mda: