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  1. ilanbaybee

    Long time no mix!

    Well ladies and gents I am back, for those who remember me. Whats up?dance1
  2. ilanbaybee

    rih/brown spoof

    Star & Buc Wild break down the Chris Brown & Rihanna situation | Vlad TV Has anyone seen this......hilarious!:grin:
  3. ilanbaybee

    imix men

    please tell me what instances are you able to hit a woman. Not saying that you would, but tell me all of the "if" scenarios
  4. ilanbaybee


    What famous person would play you in a movie? I would have to say erykah badu.......
  5. ilanbaybee

    question for everyone

    so you get invited to a party. The person asks you to make some pie. You attend the party only to find out that it is a swingers turn to exit and its your boss, butt nekkid asking you if you wanna play...................... what do you do?:search:
  6. ilanbaybee

    shootout in AC

    whey d fackkkkkk????
  7. ilanbaybee

    my random question

    my question for imixers today. I know, I know, I come and go, but hey I actually do have some hobbies :0) So I want to know how you pick your friends. And I mean real friends, your dawgs, your bishes, yuh friends for life. How did you come into contact? Has their been trials and tribulations? I...
  8. ilanbaybee

    late again BBM

    whats everyones PINS!!! Holla!:dirol::dirol: and i know this is late but talk to me nah ..........stewps
  9. ilanbaybee


    so let me tell you guys why I am mad and i dont care if this is moved.... i got a text from my friend last night asking me when I changed my myspace name to empress mo.....i said today I had outgrown my name goldylocks.....then she going to say, you trying to be like i...
  10. ilanbaybee

    red eye

    Happy 4 20 <div style="width:300px;"><object width="300" height="110"><param name="movie" value=""></param><param name="wmode" value="transparent"></param><param name="FlashVars"...
  11. ilanbaybee

    now of OBAMA

    took superhead from Hugo.........would there be as much talk?
  12. ilanbaybee

    late and all kinds of wrong

    who has a blackberry.........i need help with my curve!
  13. ilanbaybee

    accident in st. lucia

    Has anyone else seen these pics? OMG they are sooo graphic!:(
  14. ilanbaybee

    music vidoes

    So i have just watched a few of the soca videos.....and can someone teach these women how to wine? The chick ini expose look like sumthing hurt she.
  15. ilanbaybee

    finish d sentence

    I joined Imix because....... it was the only place i could hear vincy carnival chunes before actually arriving there.........:superman:
  16. ilanbaybee


    really tho? i gets no love?
  17. ilanbaybee

    what is the

    duttiest text you every sent? Not the most daring but i sent this last night ......So i figured i could let you feel on my hot cross buns since i am going to NJ from know it could melt in my ...... :grin: i was proud of myself but i know you mixers could come up with some i...
  18. ilanbaybee

    My SO

    Can i just he is just sooo sweet :0) He left me lunch money because he was going to be out of town today, and i didnt even expect it...we usually do lunch on a wednesday :0) and he hid currant rolls in my desk for me......... i feel so loved....:fck::blush2:
  19. ilanbaybee

    about gayness

    So, i was watching TV yesterday with my good eye and I see Ellen Degeneris doing a Covergirl add. I dont know if i was disgusted with cover girl for actually signing her, or with Ellen for actually thinking I would buy anything she endorses. But then it hit me, are we okay with queen Latifa...
  20. ilanbaybee

    colussis and PJk

    hi :kiss: PJ-sorry I was due in at 11 but the meeting was was a sign I was supposed to bump into you...i was going to go to burger king but I passed by