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  1. ilanbaybee

    *spinoff* HBCU's & affirmative action

    I grew up in a mostly white neighborhood. Where I the only black person on my block, and only one of 4 that graduated from my high school. When I was applying to colleges I wanted a black school, I knew how to deal with whites, my fellow blacks, was still up in the air, and I wanted to know I...
  2. ilanbaybee

    EhEH I reach back, remember moi?

    EhEH I reach back, remember moi?
  3. ilanbaybee

    Long time no mix!

    I feel the love. Big time.:fck:
  4. ilanbaybee

    Long time no mix!

    Why did I leave? No real reason. LOL I needed to be able to speak freely.
  5. ilanbaybee

    Long time no mix!

    Well ladies and gents I am back, for those who remember me. Whats up?dance1
  6. ilanbaybee

    Tell Me What Yuh Wear 2 Day

    I think I am rather cute most of the time.... Black button down blouse, black pencils skirt, leather botts, black printed stockings.....
  7. ilanbaybee

    3 west Indians on a Bus......

    i was actually in Vincy the summer TMO came out, and I have always said that would be a cross over song. Does anyone even listen to Poor Peoples song? It also came out that year.......which is 01 i think.....
  8. ilanbaybee

    Ladies, would you set - up your ex man

    nope, I would set them up with someone outside the circle tho.
  9. ilanbaybee

    Hennessey - Pure White

    its great, i brought back some from vincy and had to hide it from people
  10. ilanbaybee

    rih/brown spoof

    Star & Buc Wild break down the Chris Brown & Rihanna situation | Vlad TV Has anyone seen this......hilarious!:grin:
  11. ilanbaybee

    St Lucian rum laced with cocaine kills Brit‏

    I mean does the vincy airport have the strongest checks at sercurity? If you shake it and there are no bubbles the sieze it.
  12. ilanbaybee

    imix men

    i am not afraid because of your statement.......moreso the pic and the statement combined have me afraid. :confused
  13. ilanbaybee

    NY Shitty Residents

    i thought that was dumb too. They have multi fare cabs in that same area now so i guess its a change...
  14. ilanbaybee

    imix men

    please tell me what instances are you able to hit a woman. Not saying that you would, but tell me all of the "if" scenarios
  15. ilanbaybee

    i am happiest

    when i am outside, soaking up the sun. Or alone reflecting in the sun. Okay I am happy in the sun. :0):tongue:
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  17. ilanbaybee


    okay soooo far we have 1100 credits.......tawk ya tawk.....stop when you feel you have reached 1100 credits and then we will re negotiate......:confused
  18. ilanbaybee


    What famous person would play you in a movie? I would have to say erykah badu.......
  19. ilanbaybee


    stewps......thats only worth 10 credits......entertain me!!! Work dead today
  20. ilanbaybee

    question for everyone

    is that you in your avatar???? yum!:tongue: