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  1. MsEnglishHarbour

    Rain or Storm

    Don't know if posted yet, and if so please direct me that way But I heard a snippet of this song from Machel and it sound sweeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeet I think i heard an edited piece so if you music gurus have it, please please post here ... tanks!! :good:
  2. MsEnglishHarbour

    2 IP Kingfisher Costumes for sale

    Two IP Kingfisher costumes for sale (downpayment of $150 USD each) 1) 36D bra and Large belt 2) 34C bra and Medium belt Serious inquiries only ... PM me for questions/more info. Thanks.
  3. MsEnglishHarbour

    Black Friday - Your Results

    So what'd yall get?? Catch any sweet deals? I got clothes and shoes for a good deal :grin:
  4. MsEnglishHarbour

    Any Garrats going Miami??

    if so, you going Galaxy Skateway in Davie?
  5. MsEnglishHarbour

    Mas in Miami

    Are there any t-shirt bands or small mas troupes playing in Miami's parade? I see One Island body paint doing broward :cray:
  6. MsEnglishHarbour

    Hear what!!!!

    I playing Crocodile MALE!!! WHO AT IP GONNA DENY ME A MALE COSTUME ?!?!? Steeeeuuuppppssss
  7. MsEnglishHarbour

    Ripping Dragon Apart!!

    First off, where is this onepiece MORE IMPORTANTLY, where is this BELT?! Are the one piece and the belt 2 different materials?? Is the material on the one piece the same as the bikini? Is this really what the material looks like? The clear sequins give off an iridescent shimmer?? So the...
  8. MsEnglishHarbour

    TOP 1,2 and 3 IP choices

    1.dragon lizard 2.dragon lizard 3. king fish (yes I ssaid dragon lizard twice) 4. would be Lion I'm waiting to see more closeups of Crocodile ... it looks like it may have potential Love the skimpiness of Silver fox but it doesn't fit with my complexion
  9. MsEnglishHarbour

    Imix Graphic Heads-Need help!

    .THM files ... how do I convert these to jpegs or bitmaps? I have these images in .thm that were saved as such on someone elses pc. therefore, i don't know the program it was saved in nor what .thm is. The images can be accessed in something like a windows pic viewer but not edited or moved...
  10. MsEnglishHarbour

    island people in de air!

    good evening, i interrupt the scheduled tribe discussion to bring you an announcement via saucy trini's blog IP IN DE F#^%)ING AIR!! Thank you and good night! :D
  11. MsEnglishHarbour

    Jah Cure Release

    this is what i've read this far via jamaica gleaner and jamaica star ... take note his honour is postoned in JA, maybe i can make it :scratch: ... sunnnnnnny dayyyssss :music:
  12. MsEnglishHarbour

    Your #1, 2, and 3 or TRIBE ....

    GO!!! 1.Silver Mist 2.Black Magic 3.Amalthea :clapping::clapping::clapping:
  13. MsEnglishHarbour

    Antigua Carnival Magazine

    sumbaddy save meh cappy tanxx!!
  14. MsEnglishHarbour

    drinking at lunch

    ... like i can't learn my lesson ... :headbang:headbang:drinkers:drinkerscan't even hold me head up right now any alkees have drunken work-lunch stories
  15. MsEnglishHarbour

    NYC Waxers ... 2 for 1 bikini - new Shobha location

    it's tuesday, july 24th, 2007 and Shobha Columbus Circle is open! our month of Shobha Columbus Circle Happy Day Deals have begun! join in the celebration this week with 2-for-1 bikinis when you come with a friend (please note: at least one person must be new to Shobha; only valid at Shobha...
  16. MsEnglishHarbour

    Garrats: A moment of ur time plz ...

    anybody know where i can rent a car for less than $50US a day during carnival?
  17. MsEnglishHarbour

    Antiguan hotel is best in the Caribbean but dem fuhget fuh menchan dat wid de fat pucci eh guh tap az de bess :kicks:kicks
  18. MsEnglishHarbour

    Charcoal Grills

    Where in brooklyn can I find a charcoal grill? something small... no fancy shmancy ting ... don't even have to have wheels ... (macys,sears, and pc richard prices are :eek: )
  19. MsEnglishHarbour

    this latest Jah Cure song

    what's the name of it? something bout "father we see your blessings ..." :confused
  20. MsEnglishHarbour

    Paris only get CHREE DAYS?!?!

    Paris Hilton reportedly released from jail - Celebrity News - BREAKING NEWS MSNBC News Services Updated: 9:31 a.m. ET June 7, 2007 After just three days behind bars, is reporting that Paris Hilton was released early Thursday morning. The reality TV star and heiress was...