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  1. Prinzez Diva

    Ramajay Mas Victory and Appreciation Party Sept 9Th

    Tomorrow we celebrating our big Band of the Year win. JOIN US! Di Vibes Can't Done!
  2. Prinzez Diva

    RAMAJAY Mas Camp Location and Hours

    RAMAJAY Mas Camp (The Ultra Premium Mas Band) is located at 950 East 92nd Street Between Foster and Farragut. Mas Camp Hours: Mon-Thurs 4pm-9pm Friday 4pm-10pm (Ram-Jam Friday 8pm-12am) Saturday 4pm-10pm Sunday 2pm-5pm...
  3. Prinzez Diva

    RAMAJAY Mas Labor Day 2012

    RAMAJAY Mas: The Ultra Premium Mas Band presents for Labor Day 2012 "Wings: We're Flying High..." Official Band Launch: Sunday June 10th, 2012 @ Ramajay Mas Camp Early bird $20 tickets goes on sale April 28th (Reserve yours today!) Like our fan page on Facebook for all updates: Ramajay Mas...
  4. Prinzez Diva

    RAMAJAY Mas Contest: Win passes to our MEDIA & VIP LAUNCH!!

    We are exactly a month away from our OFFICIAL BAND LAUNCH!! WOW costumes have been designed, newly SEXY outdoor venue is being designed, BEAUTIFUL runway models have been chosen....the excitment is building!! :yahoo: Well it is RAMAJAY Contest time!! 2 lucky winners (and a guest) will win an...
  5. Prinzez Diva

    RAMAJAY Mas Band Launch--June 12th

    Join the 2010 Band of the Year Champions as we showcase our 2011 Labor Day Theme: "A Night of a Thousand Dreams" Do You Dare to Dream?? Prepare for your Senses to be AWAKEN like never before... DJs: GB God Bless, GBM, Spoil Brattz, Infamous Sounds, Pantrin Vybez, Hyperactive Sounds. Lots of...
  6. Prinzez Diva

    Machel Interview on NOW

    Check him on now...We96.1FM as he prepares for his album release tonight at ZEN.
  7. Prinzez Diva

    Review/Feedback of Misty Ridge & Fatima All-Inclusive

    Anyone has feedback/reviews of Misty Ridge (2/25) and Fatima (2/26) All-inclusives fetes? Thanks Also, do they usually have performances, if so, who is performing this year?
  8. Prinzez Diva

    What is YOUR Road March Choice??

    I want to hear the Masqueraders perspective....not all that extra chit-chat that goes on in Soca Chat. If Carnival Monday & Tuesday was today what song gets you excited to cross the stage? :yahoo:
  9. Prinzez Diva

    Playing mas in heels...

    This seems like the new trend for Carnival this year because I have MANY friends playing mas in high-heel boots. What do you ladies (and fellas) think about that?
  10. Prinzez Diva

    Destra 1st performance at Bishops

    WOW is all I can say...for her first performance for the season she RAISED THE BAR FOR FEMALE ARTISTS!!!! 3 outfits through her set, TC, Swappi & Skinny Fab. Very well rehearsed & put together show (and she said she woke up sick with a touch of Dengue Fever & was at the doctor this morning)...
  11. Prinzez Diva

    Monday Wear

    This was a discussion on Saucy's Blog today. About Monday wear, if it getting to be too much now or a great idea? Read Article from Saucy Blog here So I ask, what is everyone wearing on Carnival Monday? I have yet to decide what I want to do yet for Monday. Make a costume to match my...
  12. Prinzez Diva

    Best, Worst & Most Anticipated Fete?

    What fetes do you rate the best (in the past), worst (in the past) & the one most anticipated for your upcoming Carnival season?
  13. Prinzez Diva

    Fitness & Excerise

    Is anyone working out for Carnival? Whether it be to lose weight, tone up or endurance. What is your Carnival workout routine? I hear women in Trini are running up & down hills with a tire attached to there waist for excerise ....:rofl:
  14. Prinzez Diva

    Savannah Stage

    Who in CC has experienced crossing the BIG STAGE? What advice would you give those crossing for the first time? *Sidenote* YUMA is really playing up in they cunnie with their vague answers about crossing the stage!!!
  15. Prinzez Diva

    Carnival Beauty Tips

    Ladies (and some fellas) you have any beauty tips to share for on the road (makeup tricks, etc.) or pre-carnival tips?
  16. Prinzez Diva

    Band/Section Roll Call!

    Ok since IMIX CC is slowly dying (I miss the old days LOL) let's try to revive it with some old skool interaction. Let's start with "WHAT BAND/SECTION ARE YOU PLAYING IN? (Which have been done so many times in CC but who cares, let's do it again) You can find me in YUMA...Scorpio...
  17. Prinzez Diva

    Body Bronzer

    I am in search of an all-over body bronzer for Carnival. Can anyone recommend a good one. Also, open to trying airbrush bronzer if anyone can recommend a good one. Thanks! :)
  18. Prinzez Diva

    So who is going Yuma Fete??

    Saturday Feb. 26th. Premium Drinks Inclusive. $350TT Women, $400TT Men. Location: Hilton I was looking forward to it being an All-Inclusive, but I guess this can work too. Any Imixers going?
  19. Prinzez Diva

    No Thread about Fire Fete LIVE on REDfm now...

    Listen live @ RED96.7FM
  20. Prinzez Diva

    RAMAJAY Mas OFFICIAL Victory & Appreciation Party *Sun Nov. 28th*

    Special Invite to all 2010 Masqueraders, Sponsors, Supporters, Friends & Family: RAMAJAY MAS APPRECIATION & VICTORY PARTY A Celebration for NYC 2010 Labor Day 'BAND OF THE YEAR' CHAMPIONS Sunday November 28th Inside Brooklyn's Most Chic Nightclub Club Nocturnal 1623 Flatbush Avenue -...