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  1. elq

    short layova

    bwwwwwwwwwww dem puttin me back in solitary.....see wunna tax cut time......... if obama wins
  2. elq

    short layova

    look at my response to her for d ansa:pilot::pilot: taj wuh gine on? still keeping it tite?
  3. elq

    short layova

    wunna still bussing files in dis place?
  4. elq

    short layova

    i git ketch in miami. lol u betta leff kiz 20 RASSHOLE dollares?!!!! wuh de a$$ i hearing? de economy frig up dah much? what's next? fiyah d flicka selling BJ memberships outside de golden krust in d Village?
  5. elq

    short layova

    wah gine on Nov. 23rd? picong, nah we set up shop next tuh de Kenmore before some whitebois come and tell we dat dem building a starbucks so we gotta move. flatbush regentrification is a mudda.....
  6. elq

    short layova

    maaaaaan.......ins had horsie pan marriage tuh de german din guh thru.... kiz....u still selling chenette? librz....u was in broward dis year? car gone in de shop afta d lass bank job, wuhloss!!?
  7. elq

    short layova

    cuz wunna ppl clogging up d notables thread wuh gine on, holleration!?! :pilot:
  8. elq

    Notable Imix Quotables

  9. elq

    When Buying A Brand New

    de best place for car buying advice is here Auto advice: car buying, auto leasing, car insurance at Edmunds
  10. elq

    24 Junkies?

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  11. elq

    Is it true

    let's not start wid your cow cod soup (ie. the penis) or wunna affinity fuh eating bullas....
  12. elq

    Ipod Techhhhsss..i Need Ur Help Plzzzzz

    are you trying to copy the songs from your ipod onto your new computer? thats different than saying that your library isn't showing up if you have itunes installed on your new computer you will need to authorize your computer to the ipod using your apple id n password if you want to copy your...
  13. elq

    Why do Jamaican people seem so aggressive?

    and elephant man too!
  14. elq

    Soo whatever happened to the so called 'bird flu' epidemic?

    WHO | Avian influenza Avian influenza – situation in Indonesia – update 16 10 September 2007 The Ministry of Health of Indonesia has announced a new case of human infection of H5N1 avian influenza. A 33-year-old male from Riau Province developed symptoms on 25 August, was hospitalized on 2...
  15. elq

    I See alot of the Kids' in de school yard Rockin'....

    check de sneaker heads thread in de fashion forrum:umnik:
  16. elq

    Us Open Tennis

    pssssssssssst venus won already hon
  17. elq

    Topless lady on the Parkway...

    do you de same ting fuh wimmin breast feeding in public because outside de is done wid not much of an eyebrow raised.... ....oh de fond mammaries of growin up in de islands.....:umnik: oooops mammaries dammit i mean mammaries oh hell....memories......
  18. elq

    Us Open Tennis

    u got directv so you should know de universal hd channel 74 is de way to go
  19. elq

    So Shaq divorcing Shaunee

    she tief de man money man could tek horn but doan eff wid man money bwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwww
  20. elq

    Topless lady on the Parkway...

    there's even a group called the topfree equal rights association based in canada with usa members.... Topfree Equal Rights Association