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    tristate gettin on ?

    well the youths in mongolia on ah lil trainin check the news today dam execution stlye shootings ,ah hear bklyn flood out ,newark riot rell thing sah . way wet fete keepin in the train station this year ?
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    jackson vs lidell

    anybody else watch ufc ? chuck wah revenge who allyuh backing
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    way in bklyn

    ah could get some brown acg boots fuh less than a c note ?
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    quick ipod video ?

    wah yuh need to listen your ipod in on your car . is there anything else besides itrip for a reasonable price ?
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    i eh know if is ah repost

    but youtube ha some mad ppl
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    ipod video how to

    lady luck hit me today n i get ah ipod video fuh 150 the 30 gb now i always wanted one to put some dvds on it what program yuh have to use to put dvds to the ipod ? dvds that you own already
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    t mobile dash ?

    anybody here have it i wah move on from my sidekick but the 20 plan from the sidekick does it have one like that for the dash ? with unlimited internet n messages for 20 or is it like the mda with the 30 plan ?
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    i shoulda wait in line fuh ah ps3

    meh breds now call me he had 3 ps3 forsale on ebay a little under 15 fackin grand :scratch dam n now i ha to go waste meh money on ah speeding ticket :(
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    who wah the res

    :drinks: this thing addictive
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    park meh hoopti come outside to find they pull out the two door mirrors .why the fcuk not just thief the whole dam car . dammmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm ah vex
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    allyuh new yawkers

    watch it is labors time the marshal them towing man car .:search: could not help but buss out laughing
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    sidekick 3 who have it

    anybody here have the new sidekick ? how is it i just replaced my broken sidekick2 a month ago is the new one worht the hassle ?
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    vroom vroom

    awoahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh now take ah spin hmmmmmmmm :pig_ball:
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    trini was sweeeeeeeeeeeeeet

    had ah time at borough day .think ah goin n put down fuh meh ticket fuh next year one time one two things that changed after 11 years that i did not like but all in all is still the same . but the govt down they is all about greed sah,all over ah go is some kinda rachifi bizness ah hearing...
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    how yuh does

    find out if yuh phone is ah tri band gsm ? som kinda doohicky so ? or do u have to call yuh service provider
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    ah say ten years

    woulda never hit meh in this country before i go back home . ah late but say wah trini here i come awoahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh vincy gettin touch to look thing :pig_ball:
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    put allyuh clock forward

    time change doe try to use this asa excuse to reach to work late monday morning . is enough time
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    fuh the trinis who travel trini reg

    413 fuh ah ticket in may american airlines how that sounds ? rip off or good
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    the new tmobile mda

    anyone have it ? if so how you like it
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    enter the whaletrix

    lol yes fadda