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    Car insurance questions regarding an accident

    you are at fault to ,police reports dont tell you who is at fault well atleast in jersey they dont , but the way an officer writes the report basically says who is wrong .
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    Is Laventille beyond help or hope ?

    trini hot these days . i hear badman burning house and shack alike .its sad when the only solution the gov see is extermination . police/soldier out to kill is the talk . no way i promote badness but when all the heads in charge see as a solution is to answer violence with violence it makes you...
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    tristate gettin on ?

    well the youths in mongolia on ah lil trainin check the news today dam execution stlye shootings ,ah hear bklyn flood out ,newark riot rell thing sah . way wet fete keepin in the train station this year ?
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    Car owners-Info on Auto auctions.

    shop around you can get a good deal if yah look . there are some auctions you can just walk in to . there is nj state not to far from the holland tunnel n another one like 10 miles away in elizabeth nj . but most of the cars have high mileage n the prices to me not that great . you can google...
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    What Do you Guys Do For Fun When Not On Imix ?

    either i spendin time with the youngin or on a ride
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    Must have hiphop albums!

    only built for cuban lynx -raekwon
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    Must have dancehall albums!

    black heart man - bunny wailer burning spear -island anthology them in meh cd rotation ridght now it have to much to list doe
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    sorry to hear that my condolences .
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    Help me find this song, I must have it!!!

    correct walk away from love
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    So i guess the Punk Rock/ Skate Boarder trend run things in the Hood now.

    i on a rotating night shift 4 to 1230 pressha meh sleep clock all facked up
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    So i guess the Punk Rock/ Skate Boarder trend run things in the Hood now.

    its just another way of hip hop taking something an takin it to another level . this trend might stay around ah little longer than throw back jerseys doe .next to buss wide leg pants n roller blades in party dutty wining on skates 101
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    Its raining on my block and i dont mean water.

    bklyn get nice compared to when i first visited back in 89/90 .i guess my girl live in a peacful part compared to newlots where my moms them used to live . but in all honesty there are alot of ahole cops in ny but sad to its ah even larger amount of ahole young minorities running around out...
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    Nah this is a Good F*cking fight!!!!

    enough for street fighting yes but to mess with guys like this YouTube - Mauricio Shogun Rua vs The Snake hellz nooooo cause if you in a rumble on the streets n yuh bounce the wrong jiu jitsu guy or mixed martial artist is on the ground yuh goin most likely
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    Anyone here works in a car dealership?

    you can take the older car to any mechanic shop they usually charge like 30 bucks the cheapest i seen . if the price is over 40 dont do it yuh check engine light come on ?
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    o migod!!!!!!!!!!

    werd your better off maxin out your tsp or whatever plan your job offers to offset the tax being paid . or go by the dominican woman to do yuh taxes n say like i say i dont wanna know nothing just hook it up
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    jackson vs lidell

    yeah maraucio aint no joke but they gotta take away them foot stomps them blows could end someones career or there life rampage would of gave him a better fight in his lost if his foot work was better he did not know what to do with the kicks.
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    jackson vs lidell

    chuck let meh lose meh dam money rampage whopped that ass fuh real n the fans still boo him .rampage needs to get more training in muy thai doe cause his foot game is weak that will round him out more .
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    This Might Sound Crazy But

    its good u have some type of aim but thinkin about wars n politrics is useless . take that energy n direct it towards the youths younger than you n your peers . take a look in urban communities an the youths if all the troops came home tommorrow that would not change a thing for them .cause that...
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    jackson vs lidell

    anybody else watch ufc ? chuck wah revenge who allyuh backing
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    gun control...

    guns dont kill ppl stupid ppl with guns do .background checks wont stop someone with a gun license to shoot someone else for something dumb . if you aint a police or some type of law enforcement that requires you to carry a firearm you dont need it . guns swell egos n can make a used to be...