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    Happy Birthday Stylz...

    Happy Birthday my love from myself and your long distance buddy. Wishing you all the best. :luv :luv Your present is on the way:p
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    where are all my STRONG PEOPLE

    Everyone is cool and collected as usual. You know how the crew do. I'm jealous that you are going to Florida:( :( . Can I come? I can help carry a stack of papers or something:p. I just want to get away from this blasted bad weather we are having
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    where are all my STRONG PEOPLE

    We ready when you are my dear. But as far as not missing a thing you know my scenes this year. I MISSED YOU. CAN'T WAIT TO SEE YOU:p:p:p
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    where are all my STRONG PEOPLE

    Re: quiet storm
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    Winter Jackets

    Re: Re: Re: Winter Jackets You are the worst Empress. Sugah I've been there trust me your best bet is to throw out that jacket or donate it to the salvation army. DKNY have some really nice bubble jackets that are not that heav but keep you really warm. As for other options, Northface and...
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    I concur that $hit hurts like all hell especiallywhen its a full one down there. However I like the results :D. I think the next time I get it done, I'll probably just get the bikini area only. I was in a state for a few days after I had it done. Trinisunshine to your question, I prefer a...
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    Split Ends

    Is there anything that I can use on a daily basis on my hair to prevent split ends? [/B] I use an avacado conditioner and that seems to help alot. It even keeps your hair light and shiny even longer than regular conditioners.
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    As requested by ms. soca flex.............

    :rolleyes::rolleyes: only you :p *dirty minds*
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    A little concerned...

    I know see when I speak I have a whole lot to say thats why I stay quiet most of the time. But I'm just looking at the bigger pic and as much as we love our culture we are not its not going anywhere fast. And for those who perceive it as going places can you honestly say you are proud of the...
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    A little concerned...

    I love you too trixx thats why we get along so well. Great minds think alike.
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    A little concerned...

    Sad to say with all of this mess going on we will never get any further. As much as we want the music to sell and move ahead by means of sexual ludeness because "sex sells" we will continue to stay right we are. AT THE BOTTOM. Yes hip-hop, rap and r&b are getting further with the sexual...
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    Time to turn up de heat

    Why not if I don't like him and you do you can have him. Its fair game.
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    Happy Birthday DTriniCapone!

    Damn how old are you now?????????????? HAPPY B-DAY babes. Enjoy your day even though you are under the weather. Get well soon so the session can start:p . :bday :bday :bday
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    Ah Hope Allyuh Listening To Bashment 103.1!!!

    Re: Re: Sooooooooooooo [b] And after all of that you still love me :luv. Cause you know I still love you but really did I miss the big tune. I hope not.
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    Ah Hope Allyuh Listening To Bashment 103.1!!!

    Sooooooooooooo Is only because of advertising purposes you choose to post ?
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    Happy Birthday Stryka

    Happy Birthday!!!!!!!!!!!!!! To Mr. Stryka enjoy your special day. Happy Birthday and wishing you many, many more. You deserve it. :bday :bday :bday
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    Happy Birthday Trini Prinzez

    Happy Birthday Ms. TP. All the best and enjoy your 21st :bydebar :bydebar
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    Windows Xp- Trini Style

    Monty, you are the absolute worst but this is funny. :kicks
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    Article on Bunji- Caribbean Vibe

    Nice article Monty just keep the articles coming and congrats to Midnight Robber.
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    D' Wassi One's "scented" Bandlaunching

    I've been getting that alot so just use . That one is working.