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  1. soca junkie

    Now is the time to file Absentee Ballot before leaving for Trinidad

    hi pebbles - you can do an absentee ballot for the primaries? For some reason I thought it was only for election day. thanks for the info! :)
  2. soca junkie

    Happy Birthday Sugabumbum!!!

    happy birthday sweetie :drinks:
  3. soca junkie

    Say a prayer for Dark & Lovely and her Family

    :( condolences to you and your fam D&L.....
  4. soca junkie

    What did you learn on the Mix this week?

    I learned scorpion changed his name AGAIN!!!!! :tongue:
  5. soca junkie

    Student Loans

    actually for some reason i remember reading that your fed. student loans go away if yuh die. i plan on stayin in school til i 90 just to keep them in deferment. :kicks
  6. soca junkie

    Student Loans

  7. soca junkie

    Which islandmixers will you keep in your life after u leave this site for good?

    eh - u still owe me something. and u change yuh name too damn much :kicks
  8. soca junkie

    Student Loans

    :kicks so no drinks huh :(
  9. soca junkie

    Student Loans

    good for you! drinks on u now! lol:drinks:
  10. soca junkie

    Student Loans

    still payin...:butcher: yeah some schools & administrators are comin under a lot of heat for that lately. its a shame. students gotta be diligent and do research for themselves to know what's their best options.
  11. soca junkie

    Happy Birthday Miz R

    happy birthday girlie. :grin:
  12. soca junkie

    Happy Bday Xreds

    happy birthday! hope u have a great day :grin:
  13. soca junkie

    Happy Birthday Cook!

    happy birthday sweetie! :drinks:
  14. soca junkie

    How Can I Comfort Her/ HIV Related.

    encourage her to get tested if she hasn't already. offer to go with her if she wants support. just be there to listen, check in on her, maybe try and take her mind off it til results are in...there's nothin that u can actually say but just let her know you're there for her.....
  15. soca junkie


    mornin :grin:
  16. soca junkie

    Ok so .... :)

    congrats babe :drinks: *i smell u takin me out to dinner to celebrate!!* :D
  17. soca junkie

    This is why I'm hot...

    so yuh like em young huh :kicks
  18. soca junkie

    This is why I'm hot...

    :sorry: she have 8 men too??? :eek:
  19. soca junkie

    This is why I'm hot...

    congrats girl! u leavin any for anyone else?? :search: :D