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  • it jus shows that the jus come on d scene and have no clue wha they talking about. I doh even know why ah bother. Only cause itss Fayeann honestly lol
    dem io backwarsds on here ah waiting for them to say this nonsense about grammy and ting leh me slap them with this message board
    ah tellin dem buh dem nah listening they busy studyin Destra. LOL De asylum camp Have Terri Lyons who doesnt get no bun, And ah hear dem have A brother who singing and ting. Man oh man. Now them can push good music for d whole camp
    man it is always like dat jus wait till dem skmall island music come out and all dem want 2 say it sdat they music betta than tnt LOL it does be kicks
    for years now on imix dem fihting down Fayeann. from she wedding pictures to she roadmarch. LOL u should have seen how ah hit dem wid dat wedding talk. ah upset plenty people on here. They cant stop she. look it up when u get a chance. I think it was called more fayeann wedding jokes. Soca mafia. LMFAO
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