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  1. hmmmm the plot thickens lol
  2. duttty.....wey yuh? bai...yuh misssin.....oh gosssshhh...whappen??
  3. Ummm Sir Duttty, I also visted one of my Bess Tings page just now and.........I say no more....ok. Have a good day.
  4. Dutty i just visited Ank's page..and ah eh appreciate how yuh cusssin out d gyal so eh....dais nice...btw.....whats with d when d drink done mix nuh. a carib ah see in d recipe dey??
  5. Welcome To Rum & Equality

    I'll Send Out A Drink Recipe Weekly:
    Starting With The Islands Expanding Globally

    This Week

    Country: Trinidad
    Name: Tuna Puna Drink

    1 can Carib Beer
    2 liters ginger ale
    1 sm. frozen orange juice concentrate
    1/4 cup Rum
    Orange sherbet

    Mix beer, ginger ale, orange juice and rum. Stir. Float scoops of sherbet on top.
  6. il have to go to the grocery juss now to buy some condense milk
  7. Ah tell ...btw yuh have any condense milk ah could mix wid dah guiness??
  8. tdw, call Chinky and tell her Sir Dutty said hi.

  9. ah have some puncheon, coconut water or some cold guinness in the fridge
  10. Dutttyy...mine yuhself on meh bess ting wall nah...wah yuh hah dey tuh drink??
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