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    I can not believe after ten years on imix.....

    This is what it come 2. You people are boring. Nuff love to anyone here more than 8 years. Ewwwwwwwww
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    Executive wishes all Ladies

    A smile and a wine today. Happy V-Day :kiss:
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    You know who this is so send me a message with your number before your Aska's cousin kills me.
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    Blazers in the front
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    The return of sin @ secrets night club

    Return of Sin A free party on a Saturday night in Secrets. Who was there? What did you think? I had a good time early.
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    Temptations Nightclub....

    A lot of people go there. I never went on a Saturday. Im more a Sunday or Wednesday Temps gut.
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    Ever look yourself up online?

    Yea some Cloud IX stuff came up and also some info about a man in Guyana wanted for some crimes. Happy Birthday guy.
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    What happened

    They lost their way.
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    Shout Out the year.......

    Best Wet Fete year and First year of NASTY. Nice year.
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    Merry Christmas to you

    Well we Know the mix Notorious for that. Cant wait for the private message box to start coming up
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    It's now my sister tellin me...

    Radio Shack I know somebody. :butcher: