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  1. ey yo .. look ow long it been since me a be pon dis ting yaso?? lol i gine try come on more fa advertise de station lol watz up wid u?? everyting criss?
  2. yes I am back lol .. wats up .. Ok I will send u my fb page but .. might not be ez to find me .. I got it lock up like fort knox n stuff .. might be easier me finding u
  3. +

    Yuh reach back,lol.....ok cool !
  4. wats up .... i got stuck all up on facebook and have ended up ignoring everywhere else !! lol ... so now over a year later i decided to ck up on here. .. whats good ?? how things with you ?
  5. Hey...where are you ? You letting these Badminded ppl on here keep you from logging on ?
  6. job market aint all peaches n cream ... i need to be in mah bed now .. maintaining .. or attempt ah it newayz ..
  7. i kno .. i did good last week ..
    hopefully will do good dis week too ... such as why i needa head to bed now
  8. mike ..

    i just skimmed it real quick .. b/c (i need to learn to get back to going to bed ah normal time .. ) last few weeks .. well since ah least sept ... if not before, been not going to sleep and then not waking up .. missed work dis past thurs b/c i overslept real bad .. so bad dat it was past time that i can bring mah daughter to her daycare! ...thanx GOD i have vacation days b/c since i dont have $ to go on ah real vacation, i just using dem as sick days/personal days b/c wi na get sick/personal days .. only vacation days .. so now i have 3 more i can use .. but need fi use dem fi wen mah daughter sick GOD forbid ..

    neways .. i like dis dat i read from dat site yu seh fi ck.. it do seh truth
    "gentle reminder to all of us that the things we overlook as simple and ordinary are often the most wonderful - and we don't have to travel anywhere special to experience them."

    by the way .. i TRY being positive .. i do have mah negativity TRUSS lol .. me jus try fi keep d negativity under wraps .. altho ah times it can get outta control .. lol
  9. Hey.....since you are so much of a positive person, you might like this.....what keeps me grounded and focus.....more or less I get to see the Bigger picture in life :

  10. waa gwaan me fren? hope yu av ah bless week
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