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  1. Thank you Madamemoiselle.... I am humbled by your gracious presence.
  2. Hey, I don't remember seeing that pic. Very nice!
  3. Lol I can try. I won't hold my breath tho.
  4. Mek him buy you a PS3 for valentines day. Then me & you can shoot each other whole day & night.
  5. lol the game sweet tho right? I never thought i would be a COD junkie but a certain someone got me hooked on it now
  6. Booooo suxbox...
  7. Nah, i'm an xbox chick lol. I'm assuming you have it for ps3.
  8. you play it for ps3???
  9. Whats good home slice! i was taking a break from the mix. I decided to use my spare time on more 'constructive' call of duty modern warfare lol
  10. Where have you been???
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