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  1. i guess.....but sometimes you just have to address it
  2. lol embrace your inner masculinity and let it go. I always post that time and truth line up, no need to go back and forth for too many pages.
  3. me, i know how annoying it can be...just be glad they don't insult you personally....generalizations aren't significant enough to go hard for...and you kinda went hard....even though i know you coulda went harder, but i was like
  4. nah, she says it about once a month so I figured to respond to it for once, then again I guess if AKKS hadn't have responded with his man expertise I would have ignored it like I usually do. Maybe you're right, cuz usually I ignore it every it month.
  5. it's just the manner that you did it.....seems like you responding to more than what she said....*shrugs*
  6. lol move! Every once in a while I gotta respond to those.
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