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    Hiya conscious....:lol:
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    stop maccoing meh thread and go find something to do in OPP oh hush yuh face rene
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    whole morning yuh callin meh and when I ansa I cant find yuh. Now yuh over here.. u knw wey I dey when yuh ready for me again.. I waiting. *taps foot*
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    Ms Guyana

    this may be a dumb question but is dis bobby roach guyanese :confused
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    The official Baby Blue Birthday Boatride for DJ Spice

    how u planning to be in 2 places at one time.. :confused
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    Bajans cant cook.....

    hey what u doin over here
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    Wha gwaan folks!

    did u get lost....
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    u sure I didnt get u the da stuff???
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    i dont feel like using pm and yes I send u some stuff too.
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    what are you wearing today **SPRING EDITION*

    a sweater black pants and black shoes....
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    Did you recieve the stuff.... :grin:
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    Di Good Ole, What you doing this weekend thread?!

    no they just have a bunch a DJ talkin shite all nite... now vibrant sound does rinse some nice tunes