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  1. hey chica!
  2. *waving hi* LOL
  3. Hey chickadee. i was at the gym. i love erykah but she flies off on tangents sometimes that i can't take. lol did you go?
  4. Where u b son???? I texted you last night to find out if you were going to the Erykah Badu concert at Wingate.
  5. bingo! it's either that or green honeycreeper chica!
  6. I'll only say this once.............African Love Bird.
  7. steups. you better just be ready when overseas registration opens for non-TLC holders.
  8. See that's that ignant ish! Stupes! Work that out Sher sher!
  9. and exactly how am i to hook you up, go sell my ass for it? lol

    you can only get on if you played w/tribe in the past. this is why your stickin' tail shoulda played with them this year! LOL

    you'll have to wait to register with the rest of the non-TLC holders
  10. Hey, hook me up with a TLC card please and thx :)
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