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  1. Well arite i follows dat. If yuh have ingram or chateau piper on yuh fb list yuh can find me in dem friends as HD Craig cah i dont think yuh can find me if yuh search
  2. no star, meh neva say dat, ah juss dont wha nobody play like dey meh friend in real life and come pon here and wha bash meh.. nah b, meh nah inna dem kina ting dey
  3. Well afta yuh seh yuh nah add nobady to yuh fb dat yuh neva meet in real life, i jus exit stage left.
  4. Well yuh neva link meh inna di fb so i wouldn't know lol
  5. I deh pun fb babe duhs where all the action deh right now. Imix only holding meattention when we gah discuss movies and even duh yall aint doing.

    Wham nuh?
  6. heeeeeeey, wha gwaan rude bwoy ...whe di ass u been
  7. White liva? Whassup babe
  8. which one which one! lol
  9. lol...yez zirr
  10. I gun send Flex we gun mek a different link
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