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  1. Greetings what is the drink of the week?
  2. hi love
  3. what happen no free samples??
  4. Welcome To Rum & Equality

    I'll Send Out A Drink Recipe Weekly:
    Starting With The Islands Expanding Globally

    This Week

    Country: Trinidad
    Name: Tuna Puna Drink

    1 can Carib Beer
    2 liters ginger ale
    1 sm. frozen orange juice concentrate
    1/4 cup Rum
    Orange sherbet

    Mix beer, ginger ale, orange juice and rum. Stir. Float scoops of sherbet on top.
  5. yes sir with liquor always comes equality there is no prejudice in drukeness
  6. Briiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiight
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