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  1. I am so mentally prepared. Little princess could make her appearance at any moment. That special feeling through pregnancy knowing your going to be someones mommy is definitely hitting me even harder now. Im absatively, posulutely splendiferous.
  2. aye, you're dilating already????'s only a matter of time!!! i pray you have a good, healthy delivery and when the lil one makes it's presence... PICS!!!!!

    ah gehin excited! LOL
  3. Tell me about it. Guess what, Im already 1 centimeter and counting, the baby is in proper postition and everything. Its just a matter of time now.
  4. yuh know, i would say not to rush it eh. before you know it she will be a grown woman and you'll be saying "i remember when..." lol
  5. Hello mam Thank you kindly, I think the colors adds a nice vibe Girl Im tellin you, I am soooooo beyond ready to have this little bundle. Hubby is besides himself with impatience, especially since hes always seeing his homies lil baby. Don't worry, you know she has to make her I-mix debut. Patience my young grasshopper
  6. miss lady!!! ah like wuh yuh did wid de place, it lookin official in here

    lawd, when de baby comin nuh? ah lookin tuh see pics ah de pumpkin!!
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