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  1. I'm so excited for you I leave the childbearing to you young folks...
  2. LOL, I like that one. Im getting closer and closer to the big day. Im already 1 centimeter and counting, so before you know it, little princess makes her debut.
  3. thats fa a daddies grl I have one of those we call her the caucasian princess....she's the oldest and does still act like she is daddies little babygrl I dont get into that mix-up
  4. most definitely my love. Ofcourse she has to make a debut on I-mix. Hubby has been pretty good with making a connection. She can sense when he's coming through the door from work, or when hes near. It brings a tear to my eyes at times. He'll sing to her, read to her, play with her. Shes going to be a serious daddys girl.
  5. Grl I am blessed just make sure ya keep us posted on da mix a baby ia truly a blessing and he has a right ta be impatient he is ready to make his connection something you have been doing for the last 8 this ya first?
  6. Im doing great actually. Just waiting to have my little stinkiness. Her father is beyond himself with impatience, especially when he sees his homeboys newborn. LOL. Im about 8 1/2 months now, but I feel so ready. Thanx for asking, thats really sweet. Meanwhile, how are you.
  7. hey ya very quiet everting kool....?ya still have time before da pickney come....
  8. Thank you so much for the blessings sis. Hubby and I are waiting impatiently for her to get here. LOL. I am so ecstatic. Every morning I wake up I feel even more blessed.
  9. Rastaprincess I hear your expecting....A baby is always a Blessing..much guidance and protection on ya new journey
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