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  1. O_o....
  2. he a fukin trini he just get bull in he ass by a yankee
  3. Rightfully so....he makes us yanks look bad.
  4. lolol dais one of my imix enemies lol
  5. *yeezy shrug* I can't help it, but you and him got it right with that one lmao
  6. lmaooo yuh love too much baccahanal.
  7. "ah hear he high heels didn't arrive in time."
    THIS right here lmao
  8. lolol smh
  9. oh heck yes! came back on in the middle of the night/early morning Sunday. I was already over my parents house getting tipsy and eating crab cakes to not even worry about my power.
  10. lmaooo u have power back?
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