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    New Nnika Francis & Faye-Ann Lyons: GETTIN ON WILD

    roflmfao at this entire thread! FYI Displaying your passion to the world is not for the faint of heart
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    Kes, Ravi & Hunter- Jepp Sting Remix (2009)

    *whines all up and dong de poonkaloonks factory*
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    Fay-Ann Lyons - Meet Super Blue (2009 Trinidad)

    OMFG This friggin song is WICKED!!! Tell dem that I tough like Iron When ah done with dem deh BOUND to know why meh name is Fayanne Lyons! Geeeeeeez!
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    thanks GM
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    Palm touch screen

    I love that phone but the fact that I would have to cut my nails to use it doesn't work for me.I shouldn't have to do alterations anywhere but to my budget for a phone. I can use my palm touch screen and keep my hands priiiiii ty. lol
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    Palm touch screen

    you didn't take your meds today?
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    Palm touch screen

    Thank you D&L but this thread is not about me :P
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    Palm touch screen

    Sprint - Palm Pre
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    Iwer - Ready

    *wines and trembles in thread*
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    Profile visitors

    I only have 3 visitors there but 50 some-odd views. It aint have nothing there to see *shrugs*
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    All about makeup!

    lmao it was a coincidence, I was coming on to post about the mac sale.
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    Mac online sale today

    Mac has everything 25% off today use promo code MACFF9. Sale ends at midnite :rap:
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    All about makeup!

    you called?
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    Ladies if you suspect your SO is

    Put the b!tch on full blast I got an email one day from my ex's friend. Apparently he caught his fiance cheating and forwarded his evidence to everyone who they ever crossed paths with. lottie, dottie and everybody!