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  1. hey girlyyyyyyyyyyyyy wats up .. i was mia .. but im around still .. fb mostly but im going to start ckin up on here a lil more .. (like at least once a month or more ) am trying to help my boy get his online radiostation out more .. he out of brooklyn .. they playing live djs with soca/dancehall/reggae/ and other songs .. hope all bless with u ..
  2. where you go to school? and how long you there for? you kno .. much i been round ppl from yaard, and trinis and bajans and guyanese .. still aint been either ta ah soca party or even ah str8 up yardi party!! been promised many time for ppl to take me .. but never happens for wateva reason .. generally i dont have ah babysitter lol i go bk in summa fi get ready fi d parades n den to be inna dem .. sometimes 2 shop... n if mah bwoy who use live on church have his annual bbq to dat .. other than dat . . im bk stupid lol i dont kno crap bout bk .. o mah bad .. i go to mah bwoy dj tragics bday bash in bk .. dis yr it nov 14th .. think him having it in secrets
  3. man it dont like me none atall! and i been up here for a minute. but after school im BK bound! and im not far from u im in co-op. and i gotta go to some of them soca parties before i leave
  4. hey gal .. how d boogie down treating yu? lol
  5. hey miss lady! and fellow bx resident lol
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