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    Any Paintballers Around???

    OKay so im starting to pick up paintballing and need some advice on whihc paintball gun to buy...right now im tryin to decide between a tippmann or a spyder...
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    Tuesday Humour

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    Buss De Bar???

    Great party...can't wait til de next:drinks:
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    Happy B-day DaBajanOne !!

    Thanks... I just want to thank everyone for the birthday guys really made my day extra special and i really appreciate the love...:drinks:
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    so i finally reach miami

    I'm in wet willies...where are the rest of you :drinks:
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    WorkOut Crew............

    yeah its kinda expensive but every once in a while you mite catch it on sale...but if yah want results its one of the best...
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    WorkOut Crew............

    Every so often i does take CelTech and NitroTech.. :king:
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    Happy B-Day Just Cute

    :bday HAPPY BIRTHDAY BABES:bday see you in MIAMI :drinks:
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    Sorry Sencia

    I sorry gyal...i think my one woman army comment got yah thread deleted...who knew :confused
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    how allyuh does get on so?

    i was wondering the samething...PSA where are you :search:
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    girl you a mess...but the trick wit the ceiling fan is yah got to have yah timin and aim make sure yah land on he pole just
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    Happy Birthday Lipsntits74

    :bday HAPPY BIRTHDAY :bday
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    Happy Birthday Uncle Wiz

    :bdayHAPPY Birthday man...bless up...enjoy yah day...:bday
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    Happy Birthday SexyBajanGyal

    :bday HAPPY BIRTHDAY :bday
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    Happy Birthday SexyBajanGyal

    Happy Birthday Sexybajangyal :bday HAPPY BIRTHDAY :bday So now i bet yah tink yah grown but yah aint to grown for a good cut ass.... lol i can't believe its been a whole year already boy does time fly...i've celebrated so many birthdays with you, starting from way back when yah was still a...