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  1. iight i got u
  2. Why would I lie for? especially if admitting something like that is type
  3. Lol how i know u telling the truth?
  4. No Homo n*gga.... But i voted for you in the "Easter king " thread just because I know u and wanted to vote. So share some credits with me kid.... lol
  5. yeah mad white peeps lives in my building
  6. The stuy is nice nowadays. I was staying over a shorties house for New years and didnt even hear one gun shot when the ball dropped. that is
  7. lol oh ok.

    in the stuy son. as yall bk peeps say lol
  8. nah been moved to brooklyn son lol

    howd you figure i was haul it
  9. My fault , you aint a kid no

    I am here relaxing. U still be in Queens?
  10. lol @ "kid"
    aint shit though
    whats the vibez with you?
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