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  1. Still waiting to hear something. But in the meantime, I found these online.
    File 1:
    File Name: CharliesRoots.KH.bk.jpg
    File Size: 3.2 MB
    Download Link: Download CharliesRoots.KH.bk.jpg from - send big files the easy way

    File 2:
    File Name:
    File Size: 2.1 MB
    Download Link: Download from - send big files the easy way
  2. Thx
  3. Sorry to hear about your accident. I don't have the LP, but will ask around for you. Bless!
  4. I was reading where you were talking about an old soca album by Pelham Goddard and Charlie's Roots -kh Carnival Music. I am the conga player on that album and have been trying to get a picture of the back of that album cover. I left Trinidad shortly after that album as a result of a hit and run motor vehicle accident ( a car came into my lane and hit me head on while I was riding my motorcycle) I lost my right arm as a result of the accident and needless to say, that changed my career very suddenly. I only have a few of the albums that I worked on, but thanks to you tube I have been able to locate a lot of the tracks I played on. Would you know of anyone that could provide me with an image of the back cover of the kh carnival music album? I have both my arms there and would really like to have a copy of that. thanks
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