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    New Job, New Title

    I would agree that you should take a look at what the management team is wearing at the hotel and take the cue from them. Check Ann Taylor Loft, Loehmanns, Annie Sez for a combination of suits or business Casual..
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    Faye-Ann and Bunji Expecting

    Congrats to them
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    How important are references?

    What some people do is to get reference letters ahead of time and have it available at the time of the interview. That way you avoid wondering what the reference would be saying about you. It is right there in black and white. With so many people out there looking for jobs that may have the...
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    All my Peeps with Natural Hair...!

    Dougla - yuh hair is looking nice.. I got my maxiglide bundle from HSN, but just checked and they do not have it anymore..It was 69.95 and included the standard glide and accessories, but also included: I still have to work on getting the shine on my hair after using it.
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    Six figure(U$) jobs

    One thing to keep in mind with this list is that it is variable on the location of the position. Not all of those positions = 6 figures everywhere...
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    Running Own Business

    This site -->SCORE "Counselors to America's Small Business" | SCORE Provides resources that you can meet with locally that can provide advice on the process..From what I read - they will try to hook you up with someone in the same business type to give advice and guidance.
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    Barack Obama, The Next President Of The United States Of America

    Excellent speaker and points no matter which candidate you support he raised great points: Take back the Mic - stand up and let your opinion and stand known "I am an immigrant and Citizen and a history of not having power and now to be in a country that have power and people not taking...
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    Condolences to Yanktiguan and Cavalier

    Condolences to you and your family
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    Best Miami Hair Sytlist

    What is the price range and what doe she specialize in? Color, Blow, style?
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    The Official MTV Video/Music Awards Thread !!!

    and I didn't care for their performances, did like Panic at the disco... lawwd..fergie dress is horrible - she could have done better..
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    The Official MTV Video/Music Awards Thread !!!

    LOL- In comparison with the other live acts - what would you vote for?
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    The Official MTV Video/Music Awards Thread !!!

    I thought it was just me that felt that way..boring as hell and people getting robbed with these "winners"...But will have to hand it to Beyonce....that performance was HOT!
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    World Travel Awards

    Below is a link for the caribbean nominees for 2006 world travel awards..Take a look and vote.. Caribbean Nominees
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    Happy Birthday Dragon!!

    Happy Birthday!
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    Happy Birthday Taina

    Happy Birthday!