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    Daily Use of Espresso Coffee?

    Greetings! Honestly, I am not much familiar with espresso coffee, but I tried it last week and found it very good. Yes, I tried it at my sister-in-law's home, and now, I am thinking to make it at home, but I am not sure which shot should be best in terms of taste and smell. In this regard, I...
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    trading platform

    Several trading platforms are available on the internet, but I am suggesting you the trustworthy ones. TD Ameritrade: If you are a beginner and looking for an easy to use and reliable trading platform, then you should consider it. It is an impressive desktop trading platform that comes with...
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    How Do You See Sports Management As A Career?

    Greetings! Although I have some management and administration experience, I am thinking to try something new. In this regard, I am considering the sports management industry. I know after Covid-19, the sports sector also suffered, but I think there is still a huge scope of growth in this...
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    AWS DevOps Engineer Certification to Brighten My Career?

    Greetings! I started my career as a PHP developer and worked with many companies. Then, I learned Python and worked as a Django developer, but I am noticed that the development market is being saturated with Python developers. That's why I am thinking to learn anything new to excel in my...
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    The Future of Commercial Real Estate Investment

    Why are you talking out of the topic things here?
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    The Future of Commercial Real Estate Investment

    To analyze the future of commercial real estate investment, we need to consider some factors and the coronavirus vaccine results are the most important. Yeah! The recovery of this sector depends on the cases of Covid-19 because still, people are working from home. I just read this article of...
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    Branded Vs. Inspired By Perfumes?

    Greetings! Honestly, I am not like the person who is crazy about branded fragrances. It doesn't mean I don't buy perfumes, but I usually don't consider their brand name. However, I am noticing people are mad before the scents. Withal, I can understand there is some special in expensive perfumes...
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    Android App Development Services

    Thanks for sharing your services here, but I would recommend newbies to try their luck before getting services from anywhere. Indeed, a report of eMarketer reveals that every adult in the United States spends around 4 hours on their smartphones. It also discovers that 88% time of users is being...
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    Right Gift for Driving Instructor?

    Greetings! It was too hard to meet besties in this Covid-19 pandemic. After 9 months, I am going to meet with my bestie next month and thinking to buy a gift for her. She is basically a driving instructor in Belfast and instead of gifting anything typical, I am thinking to gift her this voucher...
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    what do i need to know to trade cryptocurrency successfully?

    This is an excellent question, and every cryptocurrency buyer should be aware of it. Before trading any cryptocurrency, you should have enough savings because their costs are very high. Then you need to set the limits for profits and losses. It means how much profit and loss you can bear with...
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    Top Android App Development Frameworks Of 2020

    I agree that mobile application development is very popular nowadays because the demand for mobile application is enhancing day by day. Even the number of Android applications is around 3,002,016 at Google Play Store right now, and it was 2,911,704 last year in January according to AppBrain...
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    Trucker Hats Vs. Camouflage Caps?

    Greetings! Due to some financial reasons, I didn't gift anything to any of my family member on new year and Christmas. That's why I am thinking to make a bulk shopping. Probably, the idea of purchasing hats from a wholesaler would work, but I am confused between the trucker and camo hats. In...
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    How can animations help in making a brand identity?

    I agree with you that animations bring buyers personas and build your brand's right image in the buyer's mind. Either it is about the animated videos or animated banner ads as a marketing head, I always noticed that such approaches always show your brand's positive face to buyers. We have...
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    Live Training Session for Special Needs Parents?

    Greetings! As an aunt of a boy with special needs, I usually prefer to visit training sessions for special needs parents, but many such sessions have been postponed and even cancelled due to this pandemic. That's why I am looking for free training sessions in this regard. Actually, my 7 years...
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    Where I Can Find Vintage Cars Dataset?

    Hi All! I need a complete database of US cars from the 1980s to 2020. This dataset should have all details about the car's brand, model, manufacturing year etc. and probably, it would be great if it includes some images. I searched several APIs and files at Kaggle and Programmable, but...