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  1. you cant say im not trying! lol

    i also can iron, wash dishes, sweep
  2. Lol!!!!!
  3. i ll make food for us for one whole year
  4. But I swear I saw somebody name Mrs. Dutty. Anyway I can't marry you. I've taken a vow of celibacy but I might break it next year just for you if you can prove you're worthy.
  5. you hear wrong lol

    i single.
  6. But I hear you married already. How that going to work?
  7. lets get married
  8. Lol!! Make sure you iron them on the inside out. They stay looking new that way. At least I gave you a tip.
  9. lol you killing me

    i arguing with one person, dealing with you, and looking to iron clothes

  10. LOL!!!
    I'm very sorry but I can't send the funds just so. Due to our very strict banking laws I will also need the bank name, address, branch number etc. I really wish it didn't have to be like this. I know those kids could really use the funds but the law is the law.
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