1. Hunie
    As your hands caress my body
    I inhale you with each breath
    Your body is wrapped around my body like a blanket
    And I am cold tonight
    Your lips are like pure sugar cane
    And I am addicted to sweets
    As I seduce you with my tongue
    You surrender to the feeling of seduction, you are mine now
    As I kiss below your navel you beg me to stop, but I canít
    I must satisfy the craving that I have for the flavor or your body
    You arouse me to a climax which I canít explain
    My body melts when you enter the room, I am yours
    As you invade my space and enter my world I crumble
    From the warm over whelming feeling of inside me, I cry
    You kiss my tears and continue on your journey
    For you to have a craving which you need to fulfill
    We lay in each others arms, two souls are now one, we glow
    As we reminisce on the love we just made
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