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Thread: The World We Live In....

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    Angry The World We Live In....

    As an extension to my Affirmative Action post, my most recent experience:

    Last month I interviewed for a position with a state sponsored agency. This position is an excellent position in terms of advancement and, getting politically connected, just overall an ideal job for me. I was told by the person inteviewing me that I had the job and there was a discussion about salary, etc. It had to be approved by the big wigs at the agency but the other approvals had been received. The next step was a call from Human Resources. Two weeks passed and I did not get a call so I followed up and was told they were still waiting for approval from the top office and should hear something soon. Through an insider that I have at this place, I found out today that the big wigs have ordered the head of the department to interview one of their friends' child for the position which I was already offered. The person I interviewed with has no say in this and is very upset b/c she really wants me for the position. This new individual basically has the choice of taking this job or not. Guess what the color of their skin is?

    My point is there is affirmative action every single day for people NOT of color. Situations like this shows that if affirmative action programs for people of color didn't exist, people like you and me would hardly be given opportunities to progress.

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    you doh need affirmative action here babes, you need the imix bad janes to come down dey for they tail. inbox me the address .

    I only playing.

    But darling I experienced that two months ago. After I got laid off, I interviewed for a job at a firm that would have been great for me being that I want to get into Family Law. However, they are colorless and the person I was taking over from made a decent salary, so I figured okay, I'll take it and go to school in the evening. Eh heh, when I reach in despite my qualifications, I was offered $21,000 to start. Well I nearly pee myself in the people chair. I look at the ole fuzzy man and tell him, I think I rather go to school full time. Unemployment paying me the same a week to stay home. I would have been the first and only colorful employee.

    Lord alone knows what colorful people would be like today without Affirmative Action

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    Classy....sorry to hear of such an unpleasant occurrence. Its sad but its the reality. I see where Affirmative Action would be extremely beneficial in this situation. To try an avoid these types of problems, we as black people have to start networking and building our own economic powerhouses, so we don't have to deal with this type of shit.

    I, and several other people are working on a business plan hoping to add to the trend of black owned businesses. I just wish others would take heed to this and follow, so there's growth within the black owned business arena. Be it Music, Real Estate, Television, or Investments.....we need to mobilize. We first need to end the "crabs in a barrell effect".

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