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Thread: Why some ppl just retarded?

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    Why some ppl just retarded?

    Since i do not have balla status in de states to park meh shit in ah garage, you know the typical NYC alternative parking rules does be in affect during weekdays, so after waiting a good hr in dis cold, final see someone coming out of ah space ah pull up long side it to park, here comes this cunt, pulling up right behind me at the light, cant reverse, cant turn, cyah do shit, even doe the chicken head in de car clearly see meh reverse lights to turn into the space, cyah believe, this jackarse came from behind me to then stop right beside me, i am looking at this chick like, mannnn are u a total dumb arse or what? n she clearly look like one ah dem stuck up, fake arse sophisticated idiots posing in her 2006 lexus LS, i am like stueps, its properly yuh man shit to begin with, n second, what on earth would make u pull up on meh bumper to then pull up along side me on the left? I looked at this chick, she looked at me, i just said to her with my lips like yo, are u completely retarded? ah felt ah bit bad when she pulled off seeing she had North Carolina plates on it, she mussi ent know de drill, but when its pissing freezing outside, n ppl trying to head back in as soon as possible with one hot piss, if your a dumb driver, pls take friggin public transport.

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    But I cant understand what exactly she was going to

    I have had to sit in my car many ah mornings waiting for someone to pull out...she ent know after sitting out in that cold all dat time ah retard will seriously geh cuss out

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    Did you put on yuh blinkers or indicator? That should put people on notice no matter where they are from.

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    Quote Originally Posted by dollbabi View Post
    Did you put on yuh blinkers or indicator? That should put people on notice no matter where they are from.
    I thought of the same ting

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