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Thread: Why are black men dating outside of their 'race'?

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    Quote Originally Posted by Carib2 View Post
    You are so ignorant and dumb there is no such thing as RACE! Its NOT biologically proven its a socially constructed myth and myths are based on LIES or DISTORTED truths. The only differences biologically in the humans between different population groups (so like West Africans and the Arawak people) are like 0.3% DNA difference.

    We are one species... Homo Sapiens we EVOLVED from earlier species of ''Homo'' IN Eastern Africa...

    If you want different ''races'' of Humans you need to go back at least 20,000 years or so when Homo Sapiens (modern Humans) lived alongside other Human races like Neanderthals..

    It just so happens that HOMO SAPIENS show small genetic differences more than other animals. For example the brown hair gene is caused by like 0.04% difference (as an example)
    Dont think it's just humans... same with other animals

    You could say the same about a great dane and a poodle
    Unfortunately, stupidity and ignorance can be entertaining.

    Goodle this you 50 year old crusty vagina

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    --I like disrespect especially ones that dont involve cursing and nugga nugga nugga watch subject matter ~jigga boozy aka Carlo Pagan

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    Quote Originally Posted by Socapro View Post
    Sorry I am only just seeing this reply from Carib2.

    I can't believe that this gay is trying to argue that the human race aka Homo Sapiens EVOLVED from earlier species of ''Homo''. I know Carib2 is one but he now seems to believe that homos can multiply all by themselves! Just joking!

    Anyway getting serious, this is the history and meaning of the word Race.

    Race, as a social concept, is a group of people who share similar and distinct physical characteristics. First used to refer to speakers of a common language and then to denote national affiliations, in the 17th century, people began to use the term to relate to observable physical (i.e. phenotypical) traits.
    Such use promoted hierarchies favorable to differing ethnic groups.[citation needed] Starting from the 19th century, the term was often used, in a taxonomic sense, to denote genetically differentiated human populations defined by phenotype.

    Also no one was arguing anywhere that there are large DNA differences between racial groups, well at least I wasn't.

    Now that we have cleared up the definition, yes we all acknowledge that we all belong to one general race the human race but anyone who has been living in the real world on this planet will know that within the human race there are different racial groups/phenotypes.

    My argument is that we all evolved from one original race which started in Africa regardless of how we look now and which racial group we identify with.

    Carib2 called me dumb and ignorant for stating that fact then went on to confirm that all Homo Sapiens or human beings EVOLVED from an earlier species of ''Homo Sapiens'' or human being IN Eastern Africa as if to imply that I didn't know that.
    Does Carib2 not realize that he basically said the same thing that I said but using different words to describe the very same evolution process?

    Is this a 24 hour comedy show going on this forum or something? Seriously!
    Socapro, I think you're muddling your information up and mixes the social construct of race with race as in different animal species is wrong..

    YES we all elvolved in East Africa from earlier Homo species (or races) but the different phenotypes that we see in the human race today is just an expression of the small genetic diversity of human being today which we call race in the socially constructed sense.

    I called you dumb because other socially constructed races of Human being did NOT evolve from Africans AKA Black people. African ethnic groups didn't look exactly the same as they did 100,000 years ago...

    The first Homo sapiens probably had dark skin but they were not ''Black people''

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    I might increase my briilllyance

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