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Thread: where's my thread?

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    where's my thread?

    OK so who do I contact if a thread I started hasn't shown up in Fete is Fete - I posted it a few days ago and it ain't there, nor have I got any PM's saying it wasn't allowed...... can anyone tell me whatsup with that?

    I'm not 'advertising', it's not 'my' event, i ain't a promoter or anything - it was just some basic info so peeps know there's a Panorama going on in Philly for carnival weekend.

    So i just went and tried to post this question there too - and IT ent show up neither. this is SO FLICKIN ANNOYING

    what is the dyam deal with that section? what, yuh gotta be pay to be a advertising sponsor to share some basic local event news with the genral public?

    somebody please clue me in, please and thanks - !
    pan every day & twice on Sunday

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    i don't know but that happened to me one time too and i NEVER went there again to put up a thread!!!

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