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Thread: What r ur qwerks?

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    What r ur qwerks?

    Not sure if this has been done, if so my bad.

    Lists things that if ppl knew they'd thing your strange and what is the method behind your madness.

    One example: I can not and will not drink from plastic cups, if a cup can be cleaned and have water in it yet when i drink it smells like kool aid, nah something aint right with it.

    Now that could just cause i had one bad experience but cause of that i can not and will not drink from plastic cups

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    I don't like when chicks give me a blowjob.

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    i never eat anything in odd numbers.. i will never eat 3 cookies or 5 skittles or 7 m&m's.. it's always an even number - i just think it's bad luck

    i never take newspapers from the top of the stack.. i take them from the middle... i dont want a newspaper that somebody else has creased up.. i hate creased up paper.. in school i never had dog-eared books and never wrote on creased paper.. .. i just find it annoying and untidy..

    i intensely dislike shaking hands.. and once i shake somebody's hand, i think of my hand as deadweight until i can wash it or sanitize it so i will not touch my face (or any other body part)with it until it is cleansed.. i cringe evertime i go to church and have to go through with the "sign of peace"... (i will also bypass the chalice!! thanks but no thanks)
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