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Thread: WHAT IS GOIN' ON...?

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    WHAT IS GOIN' ON...?

    I am almost scared to log on to this website these days! Between the news(which I can't seem to stop watching) and this website i am ready to hide under my bed or look for a fallout shelter!
    It is terribly scary what has happened in American and especially new York. My heart and prayers go out to those lost and to their famiies.
    I know that we all have a right to come on this website and give our opinion but there are those who are acting as if they want to start a militia.
    I just want to say that everyone is entitled to their views and their thoughts on this tragic event but please note that some of the things that you post on this wesite is scary and shocking!
    Some of us kind of miss the comic relief that this website had and also the gathering of friends, now we are all divided on a subject matter that frankly, is not in our power to control!
    Socababy, brownskintrini, montreallady, ilandfntsy etc...ladies, I am missing allyuh comments...I hope all is well where ever you are!

    P.s. Please bring some positive, happy, jovial thoughts to this site during this difficult time!

    :-) babash_gyal

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    in a serious changin time...

    RE: WHAT IS GOIN' ON...?

    Gyal, yuh see yuh have me posting something on a Sunday! YUh lucky we cool. Oh gosh I feeling like a egg because I here writing something on the weekend ! I agree with you dahlin, we need dat jovial, fun times again. Shims, "I READY NOW..." to bring some joy to the website.

    Peace and Love

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