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Thread: We Built This City: Honduras To Build Three Privately-Run "Model Cities"

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    We Built This City: Honduras To Build Three Privately-Run "Model Cities"

    I dont know about this.......

    We Built This City: Honduras To Build Three Privately-Run "Model Cities" Inside Its Borders
    September 7, 2012
    Honduras is one of the poorest and most dangerous countries in the Western hemisphere. It has the highest murder rate in the world. It's overrun by drug gangs. And it has a reputation for political instability and corruption.

    With all of that, it's not exactly the most appealing place for foreign investors. But now, the Honduran government has a plan to try to change that.

    It has signed an agreement to allow private investors to build three privately-run "model" cities inside the country. And by build, they mean everything - new roads and infrastructure, new housing and schools, new stores and hospitals.

    The deal is with MKG Group, which so far, has committed $15 million to the first planned city. (not a lot of money, given the size of the project) Officials say the first city will be on the Caribbean coast of Honduras, with construction due to start in six months.

    The government says it expects the plan to create 5,000 jobs in the first six months, and as many as 200,000 jobs over the long haul. If that happens, it would be a big boost to the economy as one in four people in Honduras is out of work.

    Hondurans will be allowed to live and work in the cities. But they will have their own laws, police forces and tax systems. The cities also will have the power to sign international trade agreements and set their own policies on immigration.

    As far as government goes, the Honduran president says he'll appoint "globally respected international figures" to an independent board of governors. The board will oversee the day to day running of the cities, and any legislation will be put to the people for a vote.

    Critics say the plan was thrown together too fast, in about a year. They also say it will allow wealthy foreigners to set up a low-tax system, ignore labour laws, destroy farmland, hurt the environment and threaten indigenous culture.

    Opponents have also filed a motion with the Supreme Court arguing the project is unconstitutional because the cities would essentially be a state within the state.

    But supporters say the idea is to attract investment and have the kind of success that cities like Singapore and Hong Kong have had. They say Hong Kong (under British rule) helped create China's booming economy. However, neither of those cities were built completely from scratch.

    The plan was proposed by NYU economics professor Paul Romer. He believes these cities can create opportunities for millions of people, to live in a safer, healthier, more prosperous environment.

    Obviously, urban planning and development is a big priority for any city. We put together a list of books, that look at what makes a great city and offer ideas for the future.

    Strombo | We Built This City: Honduras To Build Three Privately-Run "Model Cities" Inside Its Borders | CBC Television
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    Reminds me of something China did not too long ago. Had whole cities and towns built brand new but nobody living in them at the
    Unfortunately, stupidity and ignorance can be entertaining.

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    sounds like housing projects to me. I was watching documentary this a while back... left me like WOW Pruitt Igoe Myth

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